Marvels: INFINITY, Yay or Nay?

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It looks promising enough, but after age of ultron, I guess anything looks promising. Also I practically know nothing of whats going on in new avengers or in avengers. One of you care to fill me in?

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I'm still up in the air too. I like Ultron more than thanos personally, and I like many others didn't like age of Ultron. The hype for age of ultron felt bigger than for Infinity, and wow was it a let down. I probably will pass on this at first and wait for the ending and read reviews, cause looking back age of ultron was just a waste of money.

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I'm just too burned out on the big crossovers. If some of it happens in books I'm already reading (Uncanny Avengers, New Avengers), I'll read those issues. If I can't tell what's going on, I'll just drop them until it's over.

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can anyone fill me in on whats happening in Avengers and new avengers?

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I'm getting it. I think Jonathan Hickman has something special up his sleeve.

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@dylanofearth2: Easier said than done. In Avengers the world was seeded and is starting to change. In New Avengers parallel universes are are colliding with one another. Earth is always the collision point. The only way to stop the collision is to destroy another earth. Or something like that.

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Eh...we'll see I suppose.

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Speaking of the event, I'll be picking up the Avengers, New Avengers (who I've been reading already) and Infinity. I will likely drop both Avenger titles after the event unless Hickman just knocks my socks off.

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