Make your own team of Earth's Saviors

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Team must have:

6 Characters

3 Marvel - Captain America, Thing, Iceman

3 DC - Cyborg, Fire, Nightwing

Choose a Leader - Captain America

Explain the character interaction/relationships: Iceman and Fire seem to have feelings for one another but are too stubborn to admit it. Thing is the tank character with a badass attitude (he is easily annoyed by Iceman's joking nature). Nightwing is the stealthy member of the team who is sent by Cap for covert missions. He is the youngest member of the team and feel he has to prove himself to the others. Cyborg is the techie of the team. He follows every order but does not shy away from sharing a few jokes with his friends. Thing and Cyborg seem to have a friendly rivalry going on seeing as they are both the teams strongest members. One of the first things Cyborg is told by him is "A joker with a Plasm-Cannon bigger than my head WHO'DA THUNK IT?" Captain America is the unquestioned leader of the team. He sends different members of the team on different missions or he leads them himself on the battlefield. He shows them the meaning of courage by facing enemies way more powerful than himself in battle.

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