JLA/Avengers crossover

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Has anyone read it? It came out about 10 years ago, and while I've never owned the issues, they're all on youtube, so anyone who wants to read it is available to. In my opinion, it was a great crossover event that delivered everything it promised and certainly paid respect to each Universe.

Highlights for me were:

Superman and Captain America taking jabs at one another's reality, and almost fighting at one point

Batman taking down the Punisher when he's supposed to be doing something else ("I hate drug dealers, but I hate what this guy's doing even more." Or something like that lol)

The epic battle at the End

Superman wielding Mjolnir and Cap's shield

Batman taking on Batroc the Leaper and some of the top fighters in the Marvel U.

The scenes where reality keeps getting shifted

It's mostly just satisfying to see the characters from the 2 Worlds interact. In the past when they've done crossovers, it's usually been all about seeing 2 characters together, but this crossover was really great for respecting the 2 Worlds.

Link to the first issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHW5X9fjJKQ

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Yup it's a good one .

Liked that they had Wonder Woman and Thor flirting with eachother .

The scene with Batman vs Batrok was great .

The whole marvel vs dc crossover gets too much hate . It was just a good ol fun beat em up story and not to be taken too serious but Avengers vs JLA was fantastic all around and stayed true to the characters in most cases.

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Top class creative Team=Top Class product applicable to crossovers.

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