Is there any graphic novels on Cap's Kooky Quartet?

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Is there any graphic novels on cap's kooky quartet (Capain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawkye and Quicksilver) because the recruits together look really good and I'm desperate to read them in a comic or graphic novel ( I would prefer GN ).

I think there's a MMW (marvel Masterworks) concentrating on avengers 16 and up til mid 30's but is there a sngle series on them???


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@hawkeye99: from what I remember, it was only just the four of them for a short time; Hank Pym came back pretty quick, and other members came and went while the quartet + Hank was the core of the team for quite a while.

I was thinking the other day that this period was the first instance of Marvel using one of their most popular characters as a draw to spotlight new or un-established characters (and who had been introduced as villains), a theme that has continued off and on ever since. They used it to reintroduce the X-men in the 70's (Cyke's kinky quintet), and Generation X in the 90's.

It seemed to be what they were going for when they had Hawkeye lead the Thunderbolts (which was cool), and later Luke Cage. Lately I kind of even get the same vibe from Wolverine and the X-men.

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