I think I have an Idea of who might be the Avengers bad guy

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I know this might sound stupid but I think its The Leader. Anyone remember at the end of Hulk where that serum fell on him and he got that huge brain and he became Leader? i think that he might be the Bad guy of Avengers. I don't know because everyone forgot about him and its like "Oh whatever happened to the Leader?". I mean you cant just leave him out like that.  What if he's not in the Avengers movie and if they make a Hulk sequel they can't just forget about him. That's crazy. Though it would be pretty smart and stupid to put him in that Avengers movie. It would be stupid because I think that the Avengers movie should be a bigger plot and more challenging more than just one of Hulk's enemies. The bad guy(s) in the movie should be Kang or The Masters of Evil. Or Thanos. I mean Thanos would be good to. Or maybe even Baron Zemo. I mean Thanos wouldn't be bad either. Or just put the Masters of Evil and Thanos together in that movie. Now that's a threat.  So what do you guys think? What villain should be in the Avengers movie/ Do you agree with me?
~D-Dude Thunder and lightig. And lets not forget the Dramatic music.

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Lightning is what I meant. And at the end of those two sentences I meant to put "!"

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the leader wont be the villain for the avengers movie... 
they will leave him for the next hulk movie  
Agreed that the villains should be kang or the masters of evil 
Maybe ultron for the sequel XD

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It's The Skrulls.

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Its either the skrulls loki kang or ultron but mostly likely it will be loki
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I hope it's not Skrulls but I would love to see Thanos and Loki team up.

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Loki as the enemy for the entire Avengers team would be weird. Because Thor will probably kick Loki's ass in his own movie, thus people 'd be all like: "Hmm.. Why do you need an entire team to fight someone Thor can handle on his own?" I'd think they 'll take an enemy who'll easily look powerful to a non-comic-book-reader audience as well. And of course Galactus, Dr Doom etc. are out of the question. Kang would be nice, but I think this would probably be too complicated for a first movie. Ultron would be difficult to pull off since there won't be an Ant-Man, unless they decide to have someone else create Ultron. Skrulls could be possible, I guess.

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I think it is going to be loki who brainwashes the hulk. So then loki fights Thor, and the hulk fights the other avengers and maybe he have some help of frost giants I think that is a big enough threat.
Kang and Ultron are better for future movies.

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Loki will be in Thor. 
The Leader will be in Hulk 2. 
I hope Skrulls will be in the sequel because if the appear all the heroes must appear too.So Marvel will give time for more reboots and movies. 
Ultron will be in some of the next movies. 
Loki could team up with Thanos so they will affect Hulk,destroy Avengers,conquer Earth etc.

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