I'm such a hypocrite, Avengers Arena is one amazing book!

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When I first heard of the concept of Avengers Arena I was pissed. I mean, Nico, Chase, X-23, Mettle, Hazmat and Reptil all locked into a death match in the fashion similar to the Hunger Games/Battle Royale. It really is maddening to see them get killed in such a cheap fashion, or so I think. When it first came out, I decided that I would boycott the series and watch it burn to the ground. But, as the series progressed and a lot of characters die, including Darkhawk, Juston, and Nico, I begun to be curious about the series and decided to acquire the issues through other means.

I went in on this series thinking it would be bad, but as I read issue-to-issue my opinion changed. Each issue has something that is lacking in the other books that are currently out there, real risk. I have never been this thrilled for a comic book in a long time. The last time is probably back when X-men: Second Coming is out. After reading this series, I immediately bought the first trade paperback.

Even with all the negative criticism this book is getting I still suggest that Avengers Arena should be given at least a chance. All the characters are written well and some are even improved (I'm talking about you, Juston!).

What did you guys think about this series? Like it or hate it?

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I love it. Not a fan of the filler issues. I hope it finishes strong.

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I've never had any kind of investment in any of the characters involved because I know that when Marvel introduces a new teen character that it's best not to get attached since they're either going to have a throw away death like Hornet from Slingers or be forgotten about like the rest of the Slingers, New X-men and all the other teen characters introduced after Spider-man and the X-men so I went into the book with an open mind and I've enjoyed the series...I don't love it...if it gets cancelled then I won't care but I'll read it while it's being published

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Bring hack Darkhawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I misread the username for the OP. That guy making this thread would have made this thread so much better.

You know the one.

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I've heard it's really good. Haven't read it but I'm a fan of the Runaways, Avengers Academy and Kev Walker so I should probably check it out.

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I have not read any of it...trade paperback maybe?

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