Hawkeye Will Have Trick Arrows in Marvel's The Avengers!

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It looks like the movieverse Hawkeye won't just me a man with regular arrows and superb aim in a war against aliens... he'll be sporting some of his famous trick arrows!

When speaking with IGN, Jeremy Renner said the following about if he could take on the massively powerful Hulk:

"Well, yeah, initially I thought that it was going to be weird, but then I found out a lot more about [it]," said Renner. "For me, for Hawkeye, I'm like, 'What's a bow and arrow going to do against the Hulk?' Actually, I have specialized things that I can't tell you anything really about, but I can put him down so it's pretty cool. [laughs] Yeah, all we are is humans with high skill sets, and I think what makes all characters interesting is that they all have weaknesses. That's what makes them human in that regard. What's Tony Stark without his suit?"

It sounds to me like they're inspiring a scene based on the scene in Mark Millar's Ultimates when Hawkeye used an adamantium tipped arrow to sedate Hulk and revert him back into Bruce. Johansson also shot down the idea of the two having any kind of romantic connection in this film:

"There's no time for romance," she laughed. "We have s#!t to avenge!"

Marvel's The Avengers smashes the US May 4th.

source: IGN

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This is not a surprise

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It kinda is.

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Good to hear this. I can't imagine Hawkeye just shooting regular arrows throughout the movie. That'd be pretty lame.

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Ya know, there is a very brief scene that flashes by during one of the trailers where it shows the shafts rotating in his quiver to fit different arrowheads...or at least, thats what it looks like it is. I figured he would have some high tech gear, but confirmation is great

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Well if he didn't I for one would have been Po'd so thanks for that sigh of relief.

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@kitsokk said:

This is not a surprise

Hawkeye getting trick arrows might not be a shocker, but unless you've already seen the movie this is the first piece of confirmation we've had.

@Fresh Prince: Agreed!


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