Glad Wonder Man is back

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I hope they continue to develop Wonder Man. The character makes a lot of sense to me. A guy who lost his company and gained his powers as a direct result of his own poor judgement should be unsettled, Simon has power that puts him on a par with Asgardians but not the confidence in his own wisdom to enable him to use them to maximum effect. A small misstep for a guy with world-crushing power could result in tragedy. His fear of himself is what so many mistake as weakness. His reserve and caution are easily seen as cowardice. Not too many heroes ask "I know I can, but should I? By what right? Will it actually accomplish anything?" It is his concern for others and discomfort with "might makes right" that sets him apart. He will hopefully act as the voice of restraint on a team of ultra power (none more then Wonder Man himself), a role he is uniquely suited to.

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gotta say that i liked his possibilities more when he was a 'bad' guy, then in Marvel Now. i liked that he was against the Avengers and was the only person saying 'hey maybe these guys aren't as great as we say they are'. i dont necessarily agree with how he went about trying to change the status quo, but it was something new for him. i thought he was a wasted character on the Mighty Avengers.

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