Form a US Goverment black ops team

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Each member had to serve in the military at some point in their career.

my members are

Captain America(Field Commander), Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel(Team Leader), War Machine, Moon Knight, Punisher, Red Hulk, and Agent Venom.

Team objective: Take down splinter groups of Hydra.

anybody else got a different team?

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Black Ops implies that they may be called to do some morally ambiguous things. Cap is pretty much out.

Red Hulk is in as the Field Commander. Primarily because he is loyal to his country and can keep his mouth shut.

Beyond that the U.S. military probably doesn't want to use any heroes of renown, and would prefer to use "in house" disposable assets. Mandroid type Mech suits, project echelon super soldiers, Extremis virus soldiers, Deathlok units, things of that nature.

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So a military secret avengers/thunderbolts. Ok.

I'm personally too lazy to find characters that were in the military once. I am only familiar with the one's you chose.


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Not sure of their roles but I choose- Gauntlet , Ms Marvel, Red Hulk , Punisher and Black Widow.

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luke cage-leader

ms.marvel-second in command



winter soldier


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Agent Venom, US Agent, War Machine, Trickshot, and throw in some D-Man

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Leader- Punisher, Winter Soldier, Wolverine, Moon Knight, UsAgent

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