Favorite Avenger in Avengers movie

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#1 Posted by Spectacular_Iceman (78 posts) - - Show Bio

Not sure if this has been done before but wanted to see myself - In my order:

1. Iron Man - Robert Downey IS Tony Stark

2. Thor - Chris Hemsworth does an amazing job, but not as integrated as I thought he would be...

3. Hulk - This is the best Hulk-movie incarnation ever

4. Hawkeye - Joss did a good job explaining WHY the hell a dude with a bow n arrow would be on a team of heroes out of his league

5. Captain America - I dunno, like some people, not too good on Chris Evans as Cap - The whole movie the camera just tried to get good angle-shots of him, showin' off his profile

6. Black Widow - Just never liked her - BUT, she was better in this movie then IM 2 and Scarlett has some amazing stunts as well

#2 Posted by pimpdenz (13 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk, he was kinda like a monster ape in the movie. He is smarter in this version so I thought they should have made him stand like a human you know just to show off a sign of intelligence. Black widow is awesome! A lot of little girls here in my country likes her, I think she really needs to have her own movie to explain to those non comic reader just who is she. Cap was good but they should have made him look a bit older for him to have an authoritarian feel (It's kinda bit akward if someone is calling you "son" if he looks younger than you don't you think?). For answering this question I would go with Iron Man. RDJ did a good job he's just perfect as Stark.

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I tottaly agree with Pimpdenz, Hulk owned that movie! Also I just tested as him on http://www.hero-me.com Sweet!

#4 Posted by pimpdenz (13 posts) - - Show Bio


I did the link you gave and I ended up as wolverine oh well he's still an avenger, hehe

#5 Posted by ComicStooge (18023 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap was my personal favorite...

#6 Posted by TheCannon (20267 posts) - - Show Bio

I haven't seen it yet, and I know it will be Thor.

#7 Posted by jcbart (346 posts) - - Show Bio

It's a joint for me between Thor, Black Widow and Hulk, which really is a testament to how fantastically Joss handled all the characters.

Chris Hemsworth, in my opinion, is a better Thor than Downey Jr. is Tony Stark. Hemsworth has a fantastic presence and really embodies a younger, more human-naive God of Thunder. Mark Ruffalo was brilliant as Banner and easily far superior to both Bana and Norton. The Hulk was also wonderful, and got the three biggest laughs in the movie all three times I went to see it. Scarlett really delivered with Widow as a far more three dimensional and fleshed out character. Plus, she looked fantastic doing those stunts. Only problem was that she was wearing wedges? Really? No combat boots?

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#9 Posted by sinestro_GL (3567 posts) - - Show Bio

There are other characters apart from Black Widow?

Couldn't take my eyes off of Scarlett Johansson ^^

#10 Posted by The Stegman (29606 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Man, to me, RDJ /is/ Tony Stark now that's how perfectly he played the part.

#11 Posted by royale_with_cheese (752 posts) - - Show Bio

Still reeling over Ed Norton not being cast as Hulk until I see this movie.

#12 Posted by Deranged Midget (18231 posts) - - Show Bio

I have yet to see it but for me, I've been the most impressed by RDJ as Tony closely followed by Hemsworth and Evans as Thor and Cap.

#13 Posted by cloudzackvincent (1087 posts) - - Show Bio

i likd hulk best and surprisingly hawkeye as well

fav line was : " you people are so petty ...and tiny"

#14 Posted by Spectacular_Iceman (78 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm surprised not many people like Iron Man - Not saying you should, it's just that he's usually more popular than Hulk, Thor and Cap in the comics - But I have to say, I am starting to grow on the movie Thor though so I guess I see why some people are liking others like Hawkeye, Cap and so on.

#15 Posted by Greendevil (2345 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers movie

  1. Hulk
  2. Thor
  3. Stark
  4. Cap
  5. Widow
  6. Barton

Solo movies

  1. Stark
  2. Hulk
  3. Thor
  4. Cap
  5. Widow
  6. Barton

Favorite lines

  1. Stark to Cap "What do you take, pilates?"
  2. Stark to Loki "performance issues, not uncommon, 1 out 5" hahahaah
  3. @cloudzackvincent said:

    fav line was : " you people are so petty ...and tiny"

#16 Posted by Supermansito (203 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor ... but i m sad he was underpowered in that movie

#17 Posted by handsome_stud (299 posts) - - Show Bio

hulk stole the show

ruffalo was better than norton

#18 Posted by Scribbler (4 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved them all, but I was rather pleasantly surprised by Hulk! I think my expectations were rather low, but in the end I thought he was amazing. He really *did* steal the show. I have to say that the film had some awesome, witty lines that were delivered to perfection!

#19 Posted by TAneT62 (1099 posts) - - Show Bio

Black Widow ... she had some of the best scenes.

#20 Posted by OracleX (365 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk was the biggest surprise. You knew Robert Downey Jr./Iron man was going to be awesome but Hulk was kind of a wild card. None of his movies were that good compared to the others. I loved how Stark really cares and respects Banner and they had some sweet (borderline sappy) moments together. Hawkeye was much more interesting than I thought he would be and why he uses a bow almost makes sense (I tip my hat to you Mr. Whedon).

I know she's not technically an Avenger in the movie, but Maria Hill deserves an honorable mention. She's not as bad-ass as she is in the comics but she had her share of awesome action moments. It was not something I was expecting from a character described in the mainstream media as Nick Fury's assistant/sidekick.

And while we're at it, Coulsin is one of the best non-comic based characters in a series of hero films. To think I mistook him for Happy Hogan when I saw him the first Iron Man movie (I was a comic novice back then).

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#22 Posted by Invisible_Witch (339 posts) - - Show Bio

Dat Thor.......

#23 Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy (8775 posts) - - Show Bio

Cap... Loved all the 'old school' 1940's moments "There is only one God ma'm, and im sure he doesn't dress like that' 'The last time I came to Germany......' and all the scenes of him not being 'up to date' to the new era's technology. I got a kick out of it.

and Thor. Just loved the mix of Asgard and the fantasy they put into the movie. Always love to hear Thor criticize us puny humans.

#24 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

Each of their portrayals in this film were excellent (spoilerish):

  • Cap was calling the shots, clashed with Stark, and I loved the explanation they gave for him wearing his costume. The way he stood up to Stark made me remember why I loved Civil War so much. "Put on the suit!" and what he said to Loki on their first encounter was so Captain America, lol.
  • Iron Man was the smart-ass, genius who constantly questioned authority. I loved him doing homework with Banner and when he had the armor suit up on him while he was free-falling, lol.
  • Thor was the big gun, I loved the way they handled his powerset in this film, and he had one of the best lines "You people are so petty.... and tiny." Oh, and when he called Cap "brother"? How awesome was that??
  • Hulk was the Hulk we've wanted on screen in a big bad way. He wasn't stupid, he wasn't annoying, he was the freaking Hulk. And Mark Ruffalo played Bruce Banner extremely well. Much better than Norton or Bixby. When he said "That's my secret... I'm always angry," before turning into Hulk willingly, I almost lost it. Furthermore, the best scene in the film hands down was when Hulk tossed Loki like a ragdoll and said "Puny god." Oh, and he punched Thor. That was the funniest thing ever, lol.
  • Black Widow was handled here much better than in Iron Man 2. You felt bad for her when she clearly managed to trick the God of Mischief himself, lol. That whole chair scene towards the beginning was so kick-ass, and I take back all my negative remarks I made about her in the past months.
  • Hawkeye, much like Widow, was a huge surprise as well. His bow and quiver were so freaking badass! The way he made it look so easy made me want to see more of him. Please, Marvel Studios, give us a Black Widow/Hawkeye movie!

So I guess after writing this all out, I have to say Bruce Banner/Hulk was my favorite, but it wasn't by much at all.

#25 Posted by Misterkyle91 (103 posts) - - Show Bio


Top 3

1. Iron-Man, easily. Downey just pulls out all the stops whenever in stark's shoes. His camraderie with the hulk was cool, his scuffle with thor was sick, and he even got to make the final dramatic killshot, along with his plethora of funny lines.

2. Hulk. Really picked up right were Norton left off, with his understated performance...and the "other guy" balanced that out with all the show stealing.

3. Black Widow. She actually did get a surprising amount of focus and did well with it.

ifelt thor n cap were underutilized

#26 Posted by Voodoom (179 posts) - - Show Bio

Hulk stole the show. I've never seen a better Hulk in any Movie. Hulk as an animated being had personality and character without saying anything. It was all though actions.

#27 Posted by Yasiiii4 (150 posts) - - Show Bio

from the movie:

1)Tie between Thor and Iron Man

2)Hulk (really surprised me)

3)Black Widow


#28 Posted by tg1982 (2748 posts) - - Show Bio


They were all portrayed excellently, I can't pick a single favorite.

#29 Posted by mordecaix7 (35 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gambit1024 said:

  • Hulk was the Hulk we've wanted on screen in a big bad way. He wasn't stupid, he wasn't annoying, he was the freaking Hulk. And Mark Ruffalo played Bruce Banner extremely well. Much better than Norton or Bixby. When he said "That's my secret... I'm always angry," before turning into Hulk willingly, I almost lost it. Furthermore, the best scene in the film hands down was when Hulk tossed Loki like a ragdoll and said "Puny god." Oh, and he punched Thor. That was the funniest thing ever, lol.

That was hands down my favorite parts. I've always been a Hulk fan so I was dying of laughter on those two parts. :D

#30 Posted by OmegaRed86 (518 posts) - - Show Bio

All of them were all stars. And a poster mentioned Thor being underpowered and I agreed. My friend made a decent point, though. Thor may have been holding back. With his power set, he's more destructive than the Hulk. When he fought Loki, Hulk, and Iron Ma, he was always trying to reason with them.


What did Loki stab Thor with and what effect will that have in the future? I think there's more than meets the eye.

#31 Posted by Fzyx (14 posts) - - Show Bio

RDJ is 100% perfect for the part of Tony Stark/Iron Man. He was very entertaining and seemed to flow with his role really well.

Mark Ruffalo did a great job with the Hulk. The Hulk really stood out in this movie.

Therefore it is either Iron Man or the Hulk

#32 Posted by Uncanny_Doom (515 posts) - - Show Bio

Mine was actually Black Widow. As a character she was a pleasant surprise with her portrayal. In terms of the action and stuff, it was Thor. He did get underused but I loved his fight scene with Hulk. I thought it was written brilliantly.

#33 Posted by TheCheeseStabber (8195 posts) - - Show Bio

Idk is a tie between Hulk and Tony

What really makes it for me with HUlk is the line "Were not a team, were a time bomb" The way he says it just oozes emotionwith sarcasm and warning

But Tony stark is always Amazingly played with great quips and stunts

#34 Posted by TheGoldenOne (38932 posts) - - Show Bio
Iron Man.
#35 Posted by Jnr6Lil (8470 posts) - - Show Bio

RDJ is Tony Stark, He does what an actor is supposed to do. Really get into their role and make you think they're actually that character and a whole different person.

#36 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

@tg1982 said:


They were all portrayed excellently, I can't pick a single favorite.

HYFR ! 5 stars awesome !

#37 Posted by tg1982 (2748 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mega_spidey01: Obviously you can tell by my avatar who my favorite is, so I was really looking towards Cap being my favorite, and he was, for various reasons, but they were all done perfectly, IMHO. So really they were all my favorite.

#38 Posted by Mjdemon (52 posts) - - Show Bio

i came out as The Punisher,

and I cant really pick a fav. Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, Thor were all great and i also loved Hawkeye alot. he was badass in the end

#39 Posted by Blood1991 (8115 posts) - - Show Bio

@Duncan said:


#40 Posted by tg1982 (2748 posts) - - Show Bio


I even liked Agent Coulson even though he died, he still got the last shot on Loki and essentially galvanized the whole team. That was kinda the saddest part for me, it thought it was cool that he was a completely original character only for the movies, and other than Fury was in most of them, but his death was very well done.

#41 Posted by Spectacular_Iceman (78 posts) - - Show Bio

You know what, here's my order in better description. Cute right.

1. Iron Man - It was good to see Robert Downey Jr again after 2 years - I'm glad that his presence in this movie made up for Iron Man 2 - I didn't like that movie too much... Loved the special effects in this movie - They did better work with his armor in Avengers than the Iron Man films - Best scene was when he was thrown out of the window and the armor just assembled on him with those magnetic bracelets - I think that was a nod to an Extremis type armor probably being set up for Iron Man 3! Yes! Can't freakin' wait!

2. Thor - Loved him again, though I'm still pretty bummed that he won't wear his helmet a lot like in the comics - I know that it might look ridiculous but the people at Marvel just want to show off Chris' long, blonde hair - It's annoying. His presence in the film was actually kinda small - But everytime he appeared, Hemsworth really gave it all in - He had a fight with almost everyone - Cap, Iron Man and the goose-bump, action packed scene with Hulk... Jesus I swear I was shaking the whole damn time. I'm glad that Joss didn't go with the Ultimates storyline where Hulk can lift Thor's hammer just because he's strong, where in the film he can't lift it because he ain't worthy - Just like the main-stream comics.

3. Hulk - I liked him in this movie - His Hulk appearance actually resembles the comic version more and it's also WAY better than the 2008 Hulk movie version where he had emo hair. One thing I'm worrying about is that since Mark Ruffalo has taken over, the chances of a solo movie are low, because since it's a different actor, Marvel would have to make another Hulk movie explaining origin shit for the character, as some people might think that a new Hulk movie is just a reboot and not continuing from the 2008 film - not only that, but I bet they might even recast Betty Ross and get rid of Liv Tyler (I don't care honestly, she gained so much weight that I couldn't even see Ed Norton half the time).

4. Hawkeye - Even though he was brainwashed for most of the film, Jeremy really did well, but I hope for future films they'll make him like a real superhero like Iron Man, because I noticed at the end of the Avengers film where it's showing footage of fans in NYC, the people are only acknowledging the heroics of Cap, Thor, Hulk and Stark, but don't even care about Black Widow or Hawkeye - Come on! Hawkeye is a real hero in the comics!

5. Captain America - Well... Evans is good and all, but he doesn't really give me the feeling that he's Captain America. Also, he looks ridiculous in the costume and all he's doing the entire movie is trying to show off his profile... Other than that, his acting was okay- I wish they put a nod in the film where he would've been able to lift Thor's hammer because he's worthy - My idea for a scene with that would be: Thor's hammer is sitting outside - waiting to be picked up and as Cap is getting closer, a noise starts to grow - Cap put's his hand on the handle and lifts it with no problem, showing that he's worthy - He quickly drops it. Tony who saw him lift in, goes to the hammer, in full Iron Man armor and tries to lift it himself with 2 hands, but fails - I've had that imaginary scene in my head ever since last year... Anyways, I liked him a lot better in Captain America - A sequel will be difficult because apparently it's going to be about him working with SHIELD - So who's his enemy gonna be? It'll probably be mostly about him coping with the world - But all this means that you'll have to see the films he stars in, in chronological order - Captain America, The Avengers, Cap 2 - just like Hemsworth's movies - you have to see those films starting with Thor, Avengers then Thor 2 - Even like Downey's movies, start with Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers THEN Iron Man 3...

6. Black Widow - Great action scenes... Uh what else... Oh yeah, the scene with her and Loki you could tell Joss Whedon was trying to get a good shot of her ass... Umm... Her acting was pretty good... And uh, guess that's it...

#42 Posted by desmond006 (613 posts) - - Show Bio

For me, the Hulk stole the show

#43 Posted by Deranged Midget (18231 posts) - - Show Bio

After seeing the film:

Thor- Hemsworth really puts on a show when's he on screen and creates a presence.

Iron man- Robert Downey Jr literally is Tony Stark, he is brilliant in every scene he's in and is exceptionally witty and hilarious

Captain America- Sadly, Cap's solo film is my favourite and I think Evans does a fantastic job as Steve but he just seemed extremely under-played in this film. I'd also like to note that his costume wasn't bad, I actually had more of a problem with his build. Evans is in fantastic shape, I just think he could bulk up a little more.

Hulk/Hawkeye- Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo were fantastic in the film. Personally, I never thought Ed Norton did a great job in Incredible Hulk and Ruffalo easily replaced him.

Widow- Just because she's down here doesn't mean I disliked her, I just appreciated the other performances greater than her's. Nonetheless, Scarlett did a spectacular job as Black Widow and I hope she continues to portray her in future roles.

#44 Posted by Skyfire (824 posts) - - Show Bio

Both the Hulk and Banner were perfect.

#45 Posted by Ironman4891 (10 posts) - - Show Bio

Hands down Black widow, i had to re-watch it because of how Scarlett Johansson portrayed her. Her switch between vunerable and cold, calculating & manipulative was just WOW

#46 Posted by _Zombie_ (10551 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Man. While Ruffalo pulled off the part off Banner well(enough so that he earned my #2 spot), RDJ literally is Tony Stark. It was simply brilliant.

#47 Posted by csl316 (170 posts) - - Show Bio

Action wise, I'd go with Iron Man. The fluidity of his combat scenes and just the ballsy nature of Stark in that battle really impressed. Portal opens, he doesn't hesitate. Portal's about to close, and he still doesn't hesitate. I loved that little 10 second sequence when he lands, helps Cap, and just flies away.

Surprisingly, on the character level I really liked Black Widow. Credit Whedon for his willingness to make women outshine their male counterparts in so much of his work, but ScarJo did some great, varied work as well.

And although he's not an Avenger, I loved Loki in both of his movie appearances. He was one of my favorite characters here, mainly based on Hiddleston's devious portrayal. Especially the shot when he warps in and they zoom up on his smile.

#48 Edited by The_Tree (8575 posts) - - Show Bio
  1. Iron Man
  2. Captain America
  3. Hulk/Banner
  4. Thor
  5. Hawkeye
  6. Black Widow

It's very hard for me to rank them though, I thought that they were all done fantastically.

#49 Posted by FearTheLiving (5310 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved them all but really liked how they portrayed Hawkeye.Hulk was also amazing I liked Norton as BB more but MR did a pretty good job as well and probably more believable as a scientist to me.

#50 Posted by The_Thunderer (3120 posts) - - Show Bio

One word: Thor.

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