Explain these pictures of the Avengers

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I was looking through pictures of Hawkeye and these picture came up.

Are these fan made or what? I mean they look absolutely BEAST! Iron Man looks like General Grevious in the face. Pleas help!

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Yea they are fan made I believe. Someone posted a thread about these a while back.

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Remember when the Avengers forum had interesting topics for big fans of the teams and characters to discuss?

Now it's just...."What Avenger wud yuh be roomatez wit?" and all the posts are "THE ONE WITH BEWBZ." And stuff like this.

It's a shame.

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A tip for when you need to find an image's origin in the future. Use Google's 'search by image' function:

  1. Open google images in another tab
  2. Click and drag the image up to the 'Google Images' tab, hold it until it switches to that tab
  3. Drop the image into the search bar, it will bring up a list of possible places that the picture came from.
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My eyes may be deceiving me, but those character designs look very Guild Wars-esque. For instance:

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Pretty amazing stuff.

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@Joygirl said:


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@IncludedPharoh: they are definitely very Blizzard entertainment-like

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pretty cool stuff

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They look like better versions of the Avengers when Morgan La Fey took the Avengers back to the middle ages, which was a great story arc.

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your answers are here

<---click the little deadpool

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Awesome stuff.

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