Earth's Mightiest Breakout

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If you've watched the show it says that 74 super villains escaped during the breakout. Since Hawkeye was on the list that leaves 73.
Since the start i'm counting captured:
1. Mandrill
2. Leader
3. Absorbing Man
4. Grim Reaper
5. Modok
6. Baron Strucker
7. Radioactive Man
8. Blizzard
9. Red Ghost(Not sure if his Super-apes count individually)
*According to comic tie-in.

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What about Baron Zemo? (Assuming your referring to TAEMH two-parter episode "Breakout")

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ZZZax, U-Foes, and all the Gamma related villains

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I hate the "breakout" as the catalyst for the team formation.  It implies a much older, fleshed out Marvel Universe that somehow got along just well without the Avengers. 
Rather than, you know, seeing villains pop up and form clicks, so many exist previously. :/

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@labarith: Yeah but it does make a good introduction for the team to have all these villains bust out at one time. Besides who says that this isn't a fleshed out MU? I mean we have the F4 in the show with references to Punisher(which could tie-in to Daredevil and Spider-Man) and Man Thing. Also we saw Black Knight in London during the Kang invasion episode, possibly meaning Excalibur exists.  Also in Pym's micro-episode they reference mutants and the MRD meaning the X Men exist in this continuity, heck even Wolverine was in Cap's micro episode!
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@labarith: Well most of the original Avengers were already established when the team formed so it was already a somewhat fleshed out universe back then, plus I think they were trying to play off how the new Avengers formed when the Raft had a massive break out

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