Can the Green Scar Hulk defeat the real Black Bolt?

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as we all know, the black bolt in World War Hulk was a skrull.

Can the Hulk (in his strongest green scar mode) defeat the real black bolt?

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hulk will smash him...

#4 Posted by turoksonofstone (13199 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe indeed.

#5 Posted by Oscars94 (2446 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll tell you who won't win.......everyone else.

#6 Posted by TheGodofThunder (595 posts) - - Show Bio

More than likely no.

#7 Posted by TheMGR (194 posts) - - Show Bio

No way all black bolt has to do is whisper and it will destroy a town. Imagine him shouting in hulks ear. It would destroy the planet and everyone on it

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No way, Blackagar Boltagon is a beast.

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It would be a good fight. Hulk would probably win though... barely.

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@themgr: Chunks of the moon > a town

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Hulk in his strongest form? BB would probably be out down. Hulk regular form would be a knockdown drag out and I would want BB to win. Not sure if BB is still depowered though. Haven't read up on him since he lost some of his power after Infinity

#12 Posted by MarlboroMan (1589 posts) - - Show Bio

If Black Bolt is on his regular power levels, i don't see WWH(green scar) defeating him at all.

#13 Posted by Jimishim12 (375 posts) - - Show Bio

WWH whooped on Zom Strange and Full power Sentry, Black Bolt won't stand a chance even at a scream.

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Maybe indeed.

its very possible as he took out so many characters. Also his durability was truly tested in WWH. Normaly i would say NO, but this version of the Hulk could possibly pull it of.

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