Best Avengers Story

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It can be a story arc, ongoing series or alternate reality, but which one to you consider to be the best, favorite or easiest to jump into and read? I've never really read any Avengers and this is why I'm curious of the thoughts of others.

Mine would have to be The Ultimates.

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The one where Bendis leaves so I can start reading the book without being confused as eff :P

#3 Posted by Video_Martian (5645 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers Dissassembled

@ArturoCalaKayVee said:

The one where Bendis leaves so I can start reading the book without being confused as eff :P

LOL, Good one! ;)

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The Ultimates Vol. 1&2.... Yeah, they may not be The Avengers per se, but Millar knows the characters MUCH better than a so-called writer already mentioned...

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@Gambit1024: those are my 2 fav stories ever.

I have to say, Secret Invasion was pretty good (the main book)

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The Korvac Saga with the "What if . . . Korvac had lived?" comic added, too.

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My favourite as of recently has been New Avengers when it first started.

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I liked Civil War, that's really the only one from the 616 that I liked. All of Bendis's Avengers is terrible.

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@kingjoeg: Civil War for me is the worse, Goodbye Cap

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I really enjoyed the first New Avengers story, the one that was drawn by David Finch. Aside from that one, the Ultimates is where it's at. It's just so relatable to the world we live in and the characters truly feel real.

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I love the new avengers ongoing !!! I mean the whole series is awesome !!! the characters in the team become like a family and time after time they really become a part of your life ^^ and besides that this series relates to every single event in the 616 universe I think :D I like the story where they are rescuing luke the most !

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