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Ok I am writing a fan fic and was thinking of putting the Master Chief in the Avengers since cap is dead.

My first idea was to have Aliens vs masterchief, spidey, wolverine for his introduction. Just to introduce Chief into the main marvel universe

Why the chief a some may ask

without his suit he is at least cap america's equal. With it even more deadly. Probably a better weapons expert then the punisher since he deals with alien ones too

his skeletal structure is the best in terms of durablity...next to wolverines of course

and then to have Mjolnir armors metal replace with adamantium making adamantium chief (well one idea not sure if i like it enough yet)

well what do you guys think...most of its still on the drawing board

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Seems like a weird take on it. Bringing in Master Chief. I would like to see them but Captain Marvel on the Mighty Avengers.

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I think it sounds pretty cool, maybe you could work in the return of Wanda Maximoff some how.

#4 Posted by Heart of Infinity (1087 posts) - - Show Bio

Wanda would be a great touch with her reality altering powers. I have too many ideas need to focus in on a few.

This was the Introduction Alien vs Masterchief Spidey and wolverine

I was going to have it that shield found this large space cruiser and it was seemingly abandoned so they sent a team to it and the only recorded messages where screams. So Fury wants special help but most of the avengers are tied up on some mission (maybe in Latveria) So they send Spider-man and Wolverine to investigate they find aliens but there are too many of them so they lock themselves in a part of the ship and find chief in cryo stasis. Spidey and wolverine get him out and all three fight the aliens off

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