Avengers Vs Superior Spider-man

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@baberaham_lincoln: Yeah Thor, Iron Man and Hulk would squash him lol. I think Bendis is on 3-4 atm not sure.

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@strider92: true he is not a speedster but he has a precognitive sense so even thought speedsers move fast they cant move the way he dose or doge bullets like he can they just can run spidey knows when there daner they dont he can spidey knows danger from every corner and behind him so spidey is just faster and more effective in the speed department he can doge everything they got unlike quick silver for example he dosent have the refelxs to do anything if anything he can run away but he cant tell or move the way spidey can

#53 Posted by darthfury78 (911 posts) - - Show Bio

What would be cool to see is Omega Red vs Superior Spider-Man and Spider-Woman vs Hobgoblin(Phil Urich)

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