Avengers VS Justice League

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Heres my Justice League VS Avengers lineup...who do you think would win? who else should join in?

ares VS
beast VS
black night VS hawkman
black panther VS wildcat
black widow VS huntress
captain america VS batman
captain mar-vell VS captain atom
crystal VS vixen
doctor strange VS doctor fate
emma frost VS linda strauss
falcon VS black condor
firestar vs fire
hawkeye VS green arrow
tigra VS crimson fox
hercules VS atom-smasher
hulk VS superman
invisible woman VS star girl
iron man VS steel
luke cage VS blue devil
moon knight VS nightwing
mr fantastic VS plastic man
ms marvel VS power girl
namor VS aquaman
nova VS the ray
quicksilver VS flash
scarlet witch VS zatanna
she-hulk VS big barda
spider-man VS booster gold
spider-woman VS ice
storm VS wonder woman
thing VS s.t.r.i.p.e.
thor VS captain marvel
vision VS martian manhunter
wasp VS red tornado
wonder man VS john stewart
wolverine VS kyle rayner

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ares VS aztek***
beast VS hawkgirl***
hellcat VS black canary

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This should be in the battle forum.

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