'Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes' Canceled

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@zackattack529 said:

Animated Marvel got Nothing on DC animated ;)

Forget you!

In other news, aw, crap, of course every Avengers show never lasts long.... this sucks Dragon Ballz! Like that lame Dragon Ball Z movie.

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Season 2 has been so freaking amazing.

@shackle: Considering they are making it more like Ultimate Spider-Man I can say that will be a definite no.

@zackattack529: Actually, Earth's Mightiest Heroes has been better than anything DC has put out in terms of animated.

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Hopefully Marvels show will be better... and hopefully nothing like Spider-man: The New Animated Series.

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@Sammo21: not even close, Dc animated has a list of shows that are better than marvels, i think your probably just trolling about the EMH thing, in fact you are the ONLY person i have come across who has said something like that, so im sure im still right.

but to each his own.

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So, this show is cancelled but Ultimate Deadpo- er, I mean Spider-Man lives on? I just hope the new series picks up with the team already formed so we don't have to go through the same story of everyone not getting along or trusting each other. And if I have to see Cap unfrozen one more time... Just starts as if all that stuff already happened.

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I hope the animation doesn't suck ass.

Also I hope it's slightly more 'mature'.

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I can't stress enough how much I hope they don't go the ultimate spider-man route because that show is some kind of abomination that must be killed with fire.

I also hate how they're clearly ignoring Hank Pym and Wasp simply because they aren't in the movie. Let Hawkeye have the costume instead of that suit! I hate that it just has to be that now.

Also, why Falcon? Falcon is one of the most useless heroes ever, but people keep insisting on him. You'd choose that guy over Black Panther? Hell, if it's just for diversity purposes and they for some reason can't have BP, then introduce Luke Cage. Falcon is beyond crappy.

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@Master_Thief: At least that's doing something.

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You're so right. An opinion that I formulated on my own is wrong. I'm sorry my opinion doesn't line up with those you agree with.

DC makes good animated movies. Marvel has been doing better in television animation. Young Justice is all DC has going. Batman Brave and the Bold was way too corny, Green Lantern is terrible, the new Batman animated looks terrible, and the Batman was a mess as well.

I love how the internet has made people evolve into things who just assume that since someone has a differing opinion that they are trolling. I think EMH is the best for the fact it fits in storylines from over 50-60 years of MARVEL comics and does so in a way that's fresh and still retains the spirit of the stories fans already love. They faithfully represent all the characters in the show and do a great job of mixing together both current 616 timeline story arcs with classic Marvel characters and stories. They have tons of easter eggs for actual comic book fans without having to hit you on the head with them and they frequently incorporate background easter eggs than 95% of viewers would never notice. They also aren't afraid to take risks, like having Captain America basically not be in the show for nearly the entirety of season 2. On top of that they frequently have cameos from other MARVEL characters in the universe to make the world feel larger and cohesive. Examples: Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four, Logan during WWII, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Red Hulk, Beta Ray Bill, tons of Jack Kirby era Thor characters, and the list really goes on and on. While some people aren't a fan of the art style it has never bothered me and its not as bad as something like the Batman or the current Green Lantern series.

I'm sorry that my opinion didn't line up with everyone you've talked to.

@SexualLobster: I thought that EMH was decent in its maturity level.

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I really enjoyed the show


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@zackattack529: Right on that one

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@NightFang said:

@Danial79 said:

I hope the new show is as good or better, because the Spidey cartoon is just lame.

Avengers Assemble is said too be set in the same universe as Ultimate Spider-Man.

Exactly!!! so for those of you with your heads up your asses who think that some how this new Avengers toon will be superior I ask...

1. Did you ever actually watch Avengers: EMH? and 2. Do you watch Ultimate Spider-man? If you answered yes to both those questions and you still think EMH sucked and this new series will be better than I say to you that you really don't know a good animated adaptation of a comic when you see one. Quite frankly EMH was possibly the best animated program Marvel has done since the 90's X-Men cartoon but I guess those of you saying EMH sucked probably think X-Men Evolution was better than that. And for those of you downing EMH's animation style I ask, is it really any worse than Bruce Timm's take on the DC characters?

How can anybody not see this as anything more than a way for Marvel to further capitalize on the success of The Avengers film?

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Just because Marvel's going to be in control doesn't mean its going to be a better show, need I remind you of Ultimate Spider-man...? Also is that image meant to promote the show? It looks more like a comic book cover. =/

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@mallew3k: you are entitled to your opinnion. but............ it sucks (your opinnion).

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@edtie97: you're really craving attention arent you

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@sonicnevets said:

Dude I can't believe Loeb actually said that in an interview. Does that dip actually think kids won't go out of their way to watch tv? This is the information age. If you miss an episode you can probably find it on the internet.

And on another note I bet there is some Disney exec. behind the scenes because everything Disney touches in cartoons turns to a stupid "kid's" show that even kids hate.

Agreed. And how Loeb could say something like that is beyond me. I'd understand if it was a decade or two ago but now, it looks more like he doesn't give a damn about what the fans really want, that's just disappointing :(

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to bad. This season was simply great :/

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@airbound_dude said:

once again marvel has given the axe to something that was not broken. this one joins spectacular spider man in the list of great shows that were cut down before their time...so sad

Don't forget Wolverine and the X-Men.

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Well, there goes the only reason I had for watching Marvel's animation block.

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WTF? That sucks. It's a good show.

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now that really is clever :D Didn`t know it was like that. really kinda sad that ist`s going to be cancelled :/

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This is unfortunate I was really getting into this show too, EMH was great had awesome voice actors, was lighthearted and still told some compelling story lines. I hope the new show doesn't try to get to serious and still has interesting characters. Also I hope they just jump into a story without having to spend half a season getting the Avengers together again.

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The New show is supposed to be like the new spiderman show... I'm not going to watch this new garbage show!!!!

Earths mightiest heroes is one of the BEST animated shows on TV right now up there with Legend of Korra and Young Justice which EMH is better then YJ (not including the greatest animated show futurama).

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Avengers Assemble is what the Avengers film was called here in the UK.

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@Deep_Six said:


no its not

YJ-solves questions with MORE questions, Has WAY to many characters, never gives characters enough spotlight (Zatanna), and its dialogue is not as good. I will give it this it has better animation but really EMH isn't bad.

EMH-has great dialogue, gives its characters there time, has better STORYLINES, and it introduces characters that aren't well known but are still AWESOME to see on the TV (Rocket Raccoon, Wasp, Ant Man, Luke Cage)

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It was good enough to me, but I am a pirate.

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Man, I will admit, this sucks that Avengers EMH won't get renewed. I hope Marvel will do well with Avengers Assemble though. At least we know three VAs for it; Adrian Pasdar as Iron Man, Fred Tatasciore as the Hulk, and Travis Willingham as Thor. Just leaves Cap, Hawkeye, Widow, and Falcon. As well as any supporting cast featured.

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just in: even more episodes leaked. check em out.

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@Herokiller12344: Yea, I like her character in the show too. She was a cutie.
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I'm still upset over this... -__-

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@KainScion: Link them to me please?

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NOOOO!!!! Stupid Loeb!

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They did so much right with this, I mean how often does a great villain like Graviton get his chance in the limelight? On this show, he did, and for that I commend it.

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damn that was a good show

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I was just starting to get interested in the show. Well I guess I can always continue to watch season two and wait until this new show releases.

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@Moonchilde said:

NOOOO!!!! Stupid Loeb!

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Just found out...seriously if I was near Loeb I wouldn't be entitled for my actions...its my favorite show on PERIOD...and he removes it cause he wants it in the crappy Utlimate Spider-Man universe...I'm telling you I'm going to kill him and make him feel sorry.
I am praying that the show won't be cancelled permanently that maybe the new Avengers show bombs and that they bring this back...almost definitely won't happen but I can still hope.
 Loeb is on my MOST HATED LIST...around #1 with Michael Bay at 2nd. Please let this be a nightmare...


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Marvel: Oh hey Marvel fans! Do you like the Avengers? Do you like shows like JLU and Wolverine and the X-Men? Well guess what! We just made a cartoon that has all that and more! Enjoy it! :D

Fans: Oh boy! Thanks Marvel! This show is really awesome! :D

Marvel: If you like this show, wait'll you see Ultimate Spider-Man! It's tons of fun! :DD

Fans: Weak, Marvel! This show reeks of mongoose remains! It stinks! :(

Marvel: Trust us, it'll get better! Oh, and remember that totally awesome Avengers cartoon we gave you that you guys love and follow? ;)

Fans: Yes! What about it?! :D

Marvel: CANCELLED. >:(

Fans: Whuuuuuhh? WHY? D:

Marvel: Cause we like Ultimate Spider-Man better, so f*ck you! :D

Fans: :'(

Yeah... This is how it is? Fine, but count me out for any of their craptacular cartoons from here on out.

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Marvel, Your universe. LMAO.

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Their are 3 mistakes Marvel has done in the animated realm and the all have to do with premature cancellations: 
(1) Spectacular Spider-Man - purely great show...while not as good as the 90's show no animated show is...so who cares? Well this needed more than 2 seasons and was super fun.
(2) Wolverine and the X-Men - this was fun and great...I liked it better than the 90's X-Men show...WHY?
(3) Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes - My Favorite TV Show currently on air and my 3rd favorite TV show ever. LOEB...you'll wish you never cancelled it before we fans are done with you.

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not cool Marvel.....not cool

sigh....let's hope AA is worth is

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This reminds me of the Spectacular Spiderman series. We lost a great show to this new Unlimited show which is... Well not good.

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so this gets cancelled but shows like young justice: invasion get to keep going? ugh....this show helped me tolerate my saturday/ sunday mornings because dc ruined young justice with their garbage reboot and story line regarding "the light" and all. depressing news. thanks, marvel (not)

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Too bad the story lines and characters really made the show something. I love the how the roster changes, and that there are episodes that focus on one specific character from the team.  But now we'll never know what this show could have been in season 3.  As for Ultimate Spider-Man I like that show too. The humor is good and fits with character of Spidey. Putting him on a team makes the show different from previous shows. 

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I watched this show for a bit of fun but to be honest the animation left a lot to be desired, especially in the action sequences..I don't remember a single episode where the aspect ratio didn't fly out the window.

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@BlueLantern1995 said:

(2) Wolverine and the X-Men - this was fun and great...I liked it better than the 90's X-Men show...WHY?

It was canceled because the company Marvel teamed up with didn't want to continue and they couldn't find a replacement in time. Most other old Marvel Animated series has similar fates (the 90s X-Men you mentioned while being the most popular animate FOX cartoon of its time, they had a hard time with the company in the last season, notice the quality drop) Now that they are part of Disney it's not as big a deal. Keeping it in house with the new series means they don't have to rely on others.


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