Avengers Duo's

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Out of the Avengers which two characters do you think compliment each other best? Can be couples, friends, rivals, etc.

Personally I have always loved Hawkeye and She-Hulk on panel together

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Hm, I remember in a Black Panther comic, BP was on trial for something and Cap testified in his defense, and at the end BP thanked Cap, and Cap said "That's what friends are for, we are friends, aren't we?" and BP said "No...we are brothers." I thought that display of comraderie and kinship is what makes Avengers cool.

I know technically it wasn't in an Avengers book but they are/were both Avengers so I hope this counts. There are also alot more that I got sadly I gotta work though.

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I just read Avenging Spider-Man, so Captain America and Spidey, lol.

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Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman's friendship always amused me. They're great gal pals!

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@mervotron: They go together like candy and cavities ^^

@ReVamp: Thats what inspired this acctually well that and The Avengers with Vision and She-Hulk.

@X35: The most complex show of character development in comics ever in my opinion.

@tg1982: Cap and BP have an interesting relationship. From their first fight they have always respected each other and BP is always there when Cap needs him most.

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Another favourite duo of mine.

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These to have alot of Awesome history and are 2 of my favorites ^^

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@X35 said:

@mervotron said:

Another favourite duo of mine.

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