Avengers Disassembled reading order

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What is the reading order for Avengers Disassembled crossover event?

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I know its an old thread but i'm posting anyway as I know how annoying findin a decent reading order can be...I have been working through this myself, and am now into house of M, and think it worked pretty well...

This is a dump of all the information I have gathered, I am in now way taking credit for any of this, but it might help someone.

I have house of M stuff aswell if anyone wants it?


Story Arcs

Avengers: Disassembled

House of M

Civil War

Secret Invasion

Dark Reign


Expanded Story Arcs

Secret War 1-5

Avengers Dissasembled

New Avengers to House of M

House of M - Including the Pulse issue 7 when you get to issue 5 of the event.

New Avenvgers past House of M to Civil War

New Avengers the Illuminati (I think the first annual might fall around here)

World War Hulk

New Avengers Annual 2

Civil War including the Spider-man tie ins, New Avengers tie ins and Captain America 25

Thunderbolts post Civil War for Ellis 12 issue run

New Avengers post Civil War

Mighty Avengers up to Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion and the tie ins in Avengers

After Secret invasion New Avengers and Dark Avengers

The New Avengers third annual annual, and Dark Avengers annual

The Dark Reign one shot

Invincible Iron Man


Siege: The Cabal



Avengers Disassembled

Avengers #500-503 (main story)

Avengers Finale (epilogue)

Captain America #29-32 (aftermath)

Captain America and the Falcon #5-7 (prologue)

Fantastic Four #517-519 (aftermath)

Iron Man #84-85 (prologue) and #86-89 (aftermath)

Spectacular Spider-Man #15-20 (prologue)

Excalibur #8 (parallel story)

Thor #80-81 (prologue) and #82-85 (parallel story)

She-Hulk #11 (aftermath)

Actual reading order:

Spectacular Spider #15

Spectacular Spider #16

Spectacular Spider #17

Spectacular Spider #18

Spectacular Spider #19

Spectacular Spider #20

Captain America and The Falcon #5

Captain America and The Falcon #6

Captain America and The Falcon #7

Thor #80

Thor #81

Thor #82

Thor #83

Thor #84

Thor #85

Iron Man #84

Iron Man #85

Avengers #500

Captain America #29

Avengers #501

Avengers #502

Avengers #503

Iron Man #86

Iron Man #87

Iron Man #88

Iron Man #89

Avengers Finale (one-shot) #1

Captain America #30

Captain America #31

Captain America #32

Fantastic Four #517

Fantastic Four #518

Fantastic Four #519

And A general Avengers Reading Order:

Avengers Reading Order

Avengers Disassembled

Secret War

New Avengers V1-2

House of M

New Avengers V3-4

Civil War/New Avengers V5

New Avengers V6-7/Mighty Avengers V1-2

New Avengers: Illuminati

Secret Invasion/New Avengers V8-9/Mighty Avengers V3-4

New Avengers V10-11/Dark Avengers V1

Dark Avengers/X-Men Utopia

New Avengers V12/Dark Avengers V2

Siege/New Avengers V13/Dark Avengers V3

Avengers Prime

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@ptaylor9: Nice.

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@ptaylor9: Can you suggest which one should a newcomer to the avengers storyline start with? I mean among the story arc/expanded story arc/disassembled/actual reading order, which one should I pick first?

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