Avengers being unreasonable lately. The Avengers #8

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Possible spoilers*

So cap was on the verge of talking the kid down then hulk attacks, followed by Hyperion and Thor.

Out of line? Do you think this makes them look like the bad guys here, and totally out of character for the team?

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Wasn't there another thread like this?

In my opinion, I don't think the Avengers were out-on-line. Frankly, it kind of seemed like Captain Universe's fault. She was the one who nonchalantly told the kid he killed all those people, which caused him to freak out and go 'active'. Hulk was only trying to stop him before he went nova again and blew everything up as with the school.

But after disarming Hulk, remember that Hyperion told the kid to stand down, but the kid explicitly refused. Considering he's basically a planetary-level threat who doesn't want to surrender, what choice did Cap have but to quickly defuse the situation before things escalated? He tried diplomacy, but things were really starting to hit the fan.

I don't think they were out of line, and I think the team made the right call. It was just a tense situation that needed a tough decision.

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I go by the strict theory that if someone blasts someone as powerful as the Hulk offworld, then they have permission to attack.

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