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Stupid title I know but couldn't resist. With the Avengers movie upon us and the current Avengers vs. X-Men currently going on, I figure it be a good time to post this blog. The Avengers have gone through a lot since they first appeared in the 60's and I want to know a couple things.

  1. Which of their past or current titles have good to read? There is a lot of them and I want to know which ones were worth the time and money. It can be from any current or past ongoing series, limited series or take place in another universe like the Ultimates.
  2. What have been some of their best stories since they made their debut? They had a lot of stories but which ones were the greatest or the best or just good. Everyone has their own opnion on what was the best or good or any postitive varation of the word good. Some of the crossovers they had with other teams like the Thunderbolts or Invaders can be here as well.

I would be good to hear some opnions on this. Everyone has their own idea what's good and what wasn't so it be good to know which ones are worth reading. Mainly it would be good for me who still getting the hang on comics to know whats good to read and for any fans of the movie or movies or shows want to get in to reading comics.

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