Avengers assemble !...in some countries

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Sorry if this has already been brought up but i didn't see anything about it so...

But why is it called Avengers assemble is some countries ?!? like in mine, I find this really annoying and pointless is it too seperate it from The Avengers tv show from the 60's ? and that 90's film adaptation ? what's the point in that plenty of movies have had the same name before and Avengers assemble could still be about the 60's tv show since it still has the word Avengers in it so it could still apply.Does that mean that the sequel will be Avengers Assemble 2 ? or just Avengers 2 ? if the latter that'd annoy me even more that it was called Avengers assemble.

So what do you think ? is it a better title or worse ? is this happening in your country too ?

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Sometimes they just think the name is cooler in some countries... these people are mostly not that bright...

They should just keep it as "The Avengers" (or the international linguistic equivalents)

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There already was a movie in the 1950s (?) called 'The Avengers', they had to change it really quickly to avoid lawsuits

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It was started in the UK because they didn't want to confuse people with the old Avengers tv show and later movie adaptation that had nothing to do with the Avengers from Marvel Comics.

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@Chaos Burn: Im not sure what movie you mean,there was the day will dawn that was released as the avengers in the us, there was an Italian film from the 60's,there was The avengers tv series from the 60's and a film based on the series in the 90's so if all those share it why can't this and i haven't heard any mention of a lawsuit do you know anything else about that ?

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@jack16ichigo: I have a friend who works in advertising for Disney, she said they had to change it because of a previous film, I don't think there was a lawsuit, but there could've been grounds for one.

You know how it is, as soon as something gets attention, everyone starts trying to sue it - remember that town called Batman that tried to sue around the time Dark Knight came out

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@Chaos Burn: Oh right i still dislike the name change but i guess nothing can be done about its just annoying how the world works sometimes and lol a town called Batman....

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