Avengers are a bit over powered....

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@PhoenixoftheTides said:

@poisonfleur said:

@IllyanaRasputin: Hoohoo!!! black widow vs Magik was a HOT MESS! Sure these fights are bad writing, but still it translates to reader as over-powered. Like Black widow is just OHhhh SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good she can molly-whop Magik in Limbo. :/

The only reason that fight went the way it did was because Black Widow was in "The Avengers" movie. Magik was holding her ground against Captain America, Black Knight and some other high level melee character before she even received most of her experience with the New Mutants. Black Widow should have been curbstomped.

I totally agree-- 100%!!!!

The way that garbage was written made it seem like Black Widow won and Magik just so happened to win by a cheap shot. Honestly I thought the fight should have been over when Black Widow was portaled away by Magik.

Seriously-- Black Widow in all honesty should be dead. lol

#52 Posted by jwalser3 (6115 posts) - - Show Bio

Okay so if we know the JLA is more powerful why do people make battle threads involving the JLA vs The Avengers. Or the silly thread"Thor vs Justice League"

#53 Posted by venomoushatred1001 (12360 posts) - - Show Bio

@MadeinBangladesh said:

God man, If you think Avnegers are over powered... take a look at Justice League
#54 Posted by SC (15021 posts) - - Show Bio
@ThaUltimateAuthorityOnPowa said:
Not sure why everyone is mentioned JLA so much, in a thread about Avengers and X-Men, oh well, GOD SQUAD stomps Avengers and JLA hardcore triple downs burger Broski. You know your team is overpowered when it has Galactus in it and not even as its most powerful member. You want overpowered teams? Powder Puff girls snorts power and spits it out over all other teams, like a turkey caught in a sandstorm.                                               
Not sure if serious or alt account or just plain crazy. Most likely correct though.  
#55 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15329 posts) - - Show Bio

wait is this one of those threads where people are going to fight over who is more powerful JL or Avengers and is eventually going to get locked up? If so bon voyage.

#56 Posted by Skaddix (3111 posts) - - Show Bio

Well the Avengers might be able to take New 52 JL. They would lose to Pre 52

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Haven't been reading XvA, but to me the Avengers were always suppose to be Marvel's elite team, where as the X-Men were more a collection of gifted students. So complaining that the Avengers are to powerful for the X-Men to me is just complaining that the teams are fulfilling their intended roles. Of the various scenarios you posted, the Daredevil and Black Widow ones are the only 2 that I see as questionable writing.

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@poisonfleur said:

Seriously-- Black Widow in all honesty should be dead. lol

So should Storm after class 50 Valkyrie hit her in the face with a large hammer.
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This is the first time I think I've ever heard anyone call the Avengers overpowered..then again, usually they're compared to the JLA...soooo

#60 Posted by poisonfleur (3467 posts) - - Show Bio

@RoughDeparture said:

@poisonfleur said:

Seriously-- Black Widow in all honesty should be dead. lol

So should Storm after class 50 Valkyrie hit her in the face with a large hammer.

Ugh-- Why are you over here??

We are not talking about that mishap right now. LOL

#61 Posted by JonSmith (4231 posts) - - Show Bio

Let me get this straight: You are complaining that a team who is also called "EARTHS' MIGHTIEST HEROES" is overpowered?

Do you see the flaw in logic here?

#62 Posted by Umbraa (920 posts) - - Show Bio

Vance, Storm didn't allow Panther anything. Again, he held back as much as she did...AvX vs # 5 is out next week! We see him deflect her lightning with his new status. So I don't think we can make that statement. He looks to be holding back as well.

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