Are you excited about Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

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Hey all, I've been lookin around on youtube and I found some pretty cool mini-episodes about the new Avengers cartoon. After seeing these, it definitely has my interest. It looks like this cartoon might be their best since X-Men: TAS 

  Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do :)
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So nobody's got anything to say?

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I'm very excited myself :)
especially if Black panther becomes a regular cast member

#4 Posted by Gambit1024 (9843 posts) - - Show Bio

I think he's gonna be :) 
I just hope they do Cap some justice. I just wanna hear him scream "Avengers Assemble!" once lol

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@Ryonslaught said:
"I'm very excited myself :) especially if Black panther becomes a regular cast member"

what he said
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 @Gambit1024:  I really hope that we just get a good voice actor for Captain America!

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Agreed! I hope they go for a drill sargent approach
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only a few more days till the premiere!

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ok so I have seen the entire Avengers Week  and I have to say I have been waiting for Marvel to pull out their version of a JLU type show for years.   
While Spider-man,X-men, and the FF all had their time. To me you can't display a true sample of the MU is all about unless you use the Avengers!
so here are my top 5 things that I took away from this week;
1) Awesome bit of work!  The managed to make Hank Pym, The Wasp AND Man-Ape all watchable and pretty Bad-ass ( Wasp vs Whirlwind for example) that is no easy feat. 
2) I am not exactly sold on the overall "look" of the show, but it doesn't take away from the package however. Hoping it will grow on me like Titans, and Batman: BATB 
3) although their is some tweaks here and there, alot of areas of the MU were covered this week. Asgard,Wakanda, WWII era MU, and positioning S.H.I.E.L.D  as a major player in the show 
4) The "Goodies" or the hidden treats in the show, from the front page of the EXCELSIOR to The WWII flashback that showed a certain team of Commandos with a certain Canadian member that saw some action 
 5) Attention to the details. Thor's spinning his hammer before he flies, Loki's face paint to match the Frost Giants, Nick Fury's classic grey streaks of hair, Armor Wars, and Hawkeye/Black Widow being an team, The Ultron's, and bunch of other little stuff that makes this pretty fun to watch. 
Overall my fears of a Disney/marvel partnership will be put to rest very soon if this is what is store for us. the material was handled very nicely with regards to the "updates" they included 
The Hydra/Nazi swap was understandable. Pym/Wasp as employer/employee. Hawkeye as a Agent of Shield, The Pym Partical Jail with match Ultron units. All ways of bringing multiple sources of Marvel history into one package. And When the story called for the deaths of two characters they were able to present it as it happened, and  not glorify 
the scene, and kept it quick and effective ( one went BOOM, The other took a "nap" haha) 
 I am looking forward to seeing how the Gamma subplot ties into the God of Mischief and Lies ultimate plan. I am curious if they will keep the mini-episode format ? So far the only thing connecting the characters together is the presence of S.H.I.E.L.D running throughout. 
All this to say I cant wait until we see Thor say I SAY THEE NAY! and to FINALLY here Cap say...AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!

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I'm a little disappointed to learn that there are no Wanda and Pietro

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@I'maDC/ImageGuy! said:
" YES!!!!! "
I loved all of the micro episodes.  I followed them religiously over the 20 days in which they aired.  I really loved the Hank Pym and Janet ones.
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I don't have Disney XD.....

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This show is gonna be epic! :D

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Watched a bunch of the minis today on Disney XD.  It was pretty good I have to say, some things are a lil off based but overall I was amused and intrigued.  I will admit I kinda thought it was amusing that Logan was part of the Howling commandos in the captain america clip, but the other commandos were pretty spot on from what I saw.   Def have to give this a shot if you have the channel.

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I love this show, but
 Whats with all the moving around?  It was on Wednesdays at 8:30pm, then moved to Fridays, now moved to Sundays at 10am.  Is this a bad sign, of things to come?  Is this show now doing so well?

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