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Hello All Again,
WAAAAYYY Back in 2004 I really couldnt stand the Avengers, I was more a JLA guy, but I was reading Powers at the time and I saw that Bendis was not only taking over Avengers but he was....emm...I believe the correct term is "Disassembling" then...so I thought, I will give this a shot. 
While reading it (Issues 500-504) I thought, if someone did this my beloved Justice League I would have a proper fanboy strop and stop picking up books that company published until this travesty had been retconned. However as they where only killing the poor man's Green Arrow and that silly looking Robot, I actually quite enjoyed it. It was not the best thing I had ever read but it was enough to make me want to read New Avengers.
I own every single issue from "Break Out" to "Finale" and all of the cross over/mini-series titles (House of M, Siege, Secret Invasion etc.) as well as the Mighty Avengers/Dark Avengers issues and I LOVED IT each and every month!! I then stared to go back and read classic Avengers again, gaining an understanding and appreciation of the stories and characters. I could see why die hard fans didn't like New Avengers as it was quite a bit different from the "Classic" series but.... 
Which brings me to my point, when the Heroic age began I realized that Bendis was putting out two Avengers books, one simply titled Avengers and another New Avengers title. I have just read the first trade for each series and a the Might Marvel Must Haves which present the first three issues of the second arcs. Now , and this may just be me, I thought that the "Avengers" title would be more classic in style and  the New Avengers book would...well continue in the style of the previous title. 
So when the "Avengers" seemed to be missing "something" I thought maybe Bendis cant write those kinds of classic stories or I am not but the right audience for this particular book. But we still have New Avengers to look forward to.....but that was missing "something" as well and their was nothing  I could blame it on.
So I guess I am asking, What do you all make of them? Do you all think they have the same....intangible flaws that I do? 
And this is apropos of nothing but, Is Bendis gay for Parker Robins?   And why does he just not write a Luke Cage ongoing instead of New Avengers, as the only issue that I rated was the "Date Night" one.
Apologies to moderators etc if this is in the wrong place.

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