johnkmccubbin91's Avengers World #1 - Trouble Map review

Avengers World #1 Review

Hickman and Spencer did a great job of introducing us to the new series, which has a very interesting concept behind it. I did however feel that they tried to do a little too much too soon in this issue, as despite the argument that it’s necessary, the amount of different side plots could have been diluted down a bit. Or started over two issues instead of one. Hickman and Spencer did however give us a lot of suspense in this issue, with the mysterious nature behind the threat being extremely intriguing. I do however kind of wish that they’d use a different roster than the one from the main Avengers series though.

Stefano Caselli did a phenomenal job of the art in this issue, much like he did in his short stint on the main Avengers series. The detail in Caselli’s art never fails to impress, with every page and every panel being simply beautiful. The layout of Caselli’s art also helps with the story’s flow, as well as giving a lot of tone and atmosphere, with some sequences looking simply awesome. There is also a lot of tension and emotion shown throughout the characters facial expressions, and despite them feeling ever so slightly stiff and awkward at times, this gave a lot of realism as well as a serious tone to the story.

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Posted by lykopis

Another review mentioned it might be a hard read for newcomers to the Marvel Universe and while I am far from a newbie, I am not all that versed in things Avenger yet I still managed to keep up. I agree about the art as well.

Nice write-up.

Posted by Legendary_StarHero

Nice review.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

nice. I try to stay away from Avengers books far as possible,

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@lykopis: I don't think it's hard for new readers. More of it's a side series to the normal series having characters you may not know. I don't however feel that stops new readers from understanding the story itself.

@shadowswordmaster: Thanks very much.

@madeinbangladesh: I was going to leave this one originally but my curiosity got the better of me.

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