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Gather Now Ye Seven Brides: Ghaur finally has his Seven Brides of Set by his side: Storm, Marvel Girl, Dagger, Andromeda, She-Hulk, Invisible Woman, and Scarlet Witch. He then sets them out into the world (under his mental control) to gather several items of power he needs to bring forth the Dread God Set.

Meanwhile, the Avengers hatch a plan to (not only) rescue the missing women but also defeat Ghaur and prevent Set from coming forth into this reality. This plan leads them into direct conflict with She-Hulk, whose escape leads them to Ghaur's lair.

After facing the Brides in Ghaur's lair, the heroes are witness to the final step in Ghaur's plan - to use Scarlet Witch's powers to channel the items and bring about Set's return.

Rate the Hunks: Wasp and She-Hulk rate the sex appeal of the male Avengers. Everyone from Captain America to Quasar to Doctor Druid are given the ladies' rating.

The Last Good Soldier: USAgent goes to investigate strange reports from a secluded island. He finds there the last remaining soldier of the High Evolutionary's from the Evolutionary War.

... So What Are You Going to Do After You Conquer the World?: Firebird stumbles on a group of Atlanteans in the desert. She discovers that Attuma has dethroned Namor and he plans to aid in the conquering of the surface world. Using her powers, Firebird convinces them of the futility of their cause.

Saga of the Serpent Crown, Chapter 12: Crisi Management: The history of the Serpent Crown contines. Here it is shown how the Crown from the Squadron Supreme's world had made it's way into our reality.

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Atlantis Attacks 0

I've read about half of the Atlantis Attacks story arc, and from what I've seen, it's just not very good. As far as I know, nothing game changing happens. The good thing is the storyline is confined to Annuals, so it is easily skipped. Just don't read any annuals from 1989. The one highlight of this issue is "Rate the Hunks", where Wasp and She Hulk rate the sex appeal of current and former male Avengers, which is good for a real laugh....

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