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Infamous Monsters in Filmland: Part 4 of 4

The Night Shift arrive at Griffin Park Observatory in Hollywood for the climactic scene of their movie. TV crews also arrive to film the whole thing. While this is happening Spider-Woman meets Stella Houston who tells her that the Hangman is actually Jason Roland. Just then the Hangman appears on the television, again issuing his challenge to the Avengers West. Hangman tells them that he will start hanging the film crew one at a time, until the heroes show. As soon as the Avengers show the Night Shift release Wonder Man and US Agent, so they can film the battle between the empowered Night Shift and the Avengers West Coast. As the two teams battle the demon Satannish appears, and everyone at home watching these events become ensnared and cannot look away from the television. The Scarlet Witch gets separated from the fray and realizes that she must use her magical powers to summon Doctor Strange to help them against Satannish. Doctor Strange reveals to the Night Shift that they have been tricked and Satannish has taken away their souls. It is also revealed that the entities that Doctor Strange found in a non-existent dimension were in fact the souls of the Night Shift. Strange then tells them how Satannish planned to take the souls of every helpless person watching the telecast of this event. Iron Man and Living Lightning disrupt the broadcasts that everyone is watching, stopping Satannish from using the power he has taken by absorbing the souls of everyone watching. This allows them to send Satannish away, but not before he took the soul of Jason Roland, leaving his body just an empty shell.

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