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The Avengers West Coast and the Fantastic Four try to take some time off visiting an amusement park called sword and sorcery world, in California. When Franklin Richards and Rachel Carpenter get mysteriously transported away the heroes follow them, but are separated. Half of them are held captive by Arkon, Imperion of Polemachus, while the other half become captives of Thundra, ruler of Femizonia. Arkon hypnotizes Iron Man, Johnny Storm, Sue Richards, Wonder Man, and the Scarlet Witch, forcing them to fight on his side of the battle against Thundra and her people. Thundra meanwhile holds Franklin Richards captive, forcing Hawkeye, Ben Grim, Spider-Woman, Living Lightning, and Reed Richards to fight on her side against Arkon. The battle culminates in Arkon and Thundra going up against each other in hand to hand combat. With the two rulers evenly matched, Thundra admits she came to Polemachus because of her curiosity of Arkon, while Arkon says that she is the first woman worthy of physical battle. The two stop fighting and instead embrace one another, Arkon then hurls a lightning bolt sending the heroes back to the amusement park. With her daughter now safe, Spider-Woman reveals to Rachel that she is her mother, Julia Carpenter, something that her daughter says she had always known.

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