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Doctor Demonicus has both Taifu and Living Lightning held captive, and he gives Living Lightning the option to either join him or die. He then tells Taifu how he mutated his son into a 2 ton giant named Big One, and how his wife Pele is still under his control. Enraged Taifu escapes and attacks, but he is accidentally knocked out by Living Lightning, who decides to join Doctor Demonicus and the Pacific Overlords. Meanwhile the West Coast Avengers split up to investigate, taking Iron Man, Wasp, and Tigra to Japan, while Wonder Man, Hank Pym, and the Scarlet Witch head to Australia. Iron Man's group run into a group of Yakuza and then into a tattoo covered Pacific Overlord, named Irezumi. Irezumi and his men defeat the Iron Man and Wasp, but Tigra narrowly escapes after being injured. Wonder Man's group is also about to run into some trouble with Cybertooth and Jawbreaker waiting to attack them. Back at the Avengers compound US Agent attacks Spider-Woman and Hawkeye, revealing to Spider-Woman that the Commission has sent him to eliminate her. He has his chance to finish the job, but stops stating that he would never waste anyone again.

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