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An ACTS OF VENGEANCE crossover! The West Coast team is ambushed by the Hulk's deadliest enemies - the dread U-Foes! And watch out for what happens between the Vision and Wonder Man!


Magneto and a disguised Loki discuss the current events of the world as unfamiliar villains take on heroes. Loki is eager for the defeat of these heroic individuals, but Magneto is furious at this suggestion. He only wants to use this situation to reclaim his place among mutants. Loki feigns subservience, but as soon as Magneto is gone he laughs to himself that Magneto is only a useful tool in his own, much larger scheme. He looks in on the West Coast Avengers.

Henry Pym and Iron Man are watching over the comatose Scarlet Witch with Wonder Man, Wasp and Vision, baffled about her condition. Wonder Man recaps the horrific recent events in Wanda’s life. Turning to the Vision, Wonder Man decides that it would help Wanda if Vision‘s original personality were restored by re-copying his brain patterns into him, since Simon’s were the original ones the Vision had been given. The Vision responds by saying he is not at all sure this would restore him to the form he had when he and Wanda were married. He would be nothing more than a copy of his former self. He refuses Simon’s offer and states that he wants to return to the East Coast team.

In a flashback to the 1500s, at the Tower of London, Queen Elizabeth confronts her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. Elizabeth is about to be executed and Mary made Queen instead. Immortus appears behind Mary. Content that he has thus altered the timeline to his liking, Immortus teleports away. Next, he goes to view the subject of his next scheme: the Scarlet Witch.

Meanwhile, the other West Coast Avengers plead with Vision not to leave, if only for Wanda’s sake, but he believes the balance of team members would be better if he were with the East Coast squad. A strange green-clad woman with brown hair (Vapor) suddenly materializes in the room and tries to poison Wanda with cyanide gas, but Simon saves her Wanda and Iron Man traps Vapor in her gaseous form in a holding tank in his armor. Vapor makes herself into a mono-molecular mist and leaks out. Iron Man tries to respond and is pulled down through the floor by two large hands.

Out on the patio, Ann Raymond tries to tell the original Human Torch how Toro died, but is cut off when she sees Ironclad hurled out of the Compound. The Human Torch flies up to investigate, when a bright pink man (X-Ray) blasts him with radiation. The two fight.

Wonder Man with Wanda, Hank and the Wasp burst out and warn Ann that the Vision and Iron Man are inside trying to contain Vapor. The Wasp explains she is one of the U-Foes, a group who fought the East Coast Avengers. Suddenly, part of the Compound explodes.

Ironclad picks himself off the ground, but being so far from the battle, he decides to cause some chaos around him. X-Ray and the Torch continue to fight as X-Ray accuses Torch of killing Vector.

Back at the Compound, Iron Man and the Vision give up trying to fight the fire that Vapor is causing. Instead, Hank wakes up Wanda by shouting at her that Vision is in danger. The Scarlet Witch uses her reality altering abilities to douse the fire and make Vapor human again. Suddenly Vector flies in and blasts the Avengers. Vapor is shocked, because she thought the Avengers had killed Vector. X-Ray flies in, holding the Human Torch, boasting that he has captured Johnny Storm, but is told that this is not the Fantastic Four member, but instead the Golden Age hero. X-Ray, Vector and Vapor realize that since Vector is not really dead, they have all been duped, so they fly off to find Ironclad, vowing to fight the Avengers another time.

Hank Pym stops the Avengers from pursuing and warns that he has been unable to contact the East Coast team at their Island. After a short disagreement. Wanda and Vision go with Hank and the Wasp to the East Coast while Wonder Man and Iron Man go look for the Torch and the U-Foes.

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