Whose dying first?

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The series is finally picking up, its darker and more intense. They are no longer 'playfighting', the war is becoming real. That means that someone will die.

I have an odd feeling it could be Black Panther....or possibly even Storm.

With Marvel's take on marriages, that's probably what's going to heal their rift...one of them dying to protect the other, or against the other's wishes

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Thor agan probably.

#3 Posted by krspaceT (1882 posts) - - Show Bio

@X35: What makes you say that?

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Agree on BP his recent importance in this event and the attack on Wakanda make it point towards him or Shuri "if they want to half a$$ killing a character". Storm is still being shown issues in on X-Men so I doubt it is her.

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It could be interesting if, say, cyclops takes out wolverine

With his mood about the Avengers and the Schism thing, he's a really big target....

Also, the very strange image that I think is up there (my computer has been slow lately so it might not be), might just be what god power Cyclops does to him if they don't kill one another

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