What is the war even about?

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Can someone actually explain to me exactly the point of the war? I Know the Phoenix Force is supposed to restore Mutant Kind.....but why is it such an issue we could actually see Mutants on the Avengers side?

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Faces need a punchin'. That's what it's about.

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From what I gathered from the preview to issue one, apparently both the Avengers and X-Men have learned that the Phoenix Force is returning to Earth, which both presume it's returning to take Hope as its new host. Because of this, both team's are seemingly at odds with one another as the Avengers appear to want to find a way to contain the Phoenix Force due to the dangers it brings while Cyclops wants to use it through Hope in an effort to revive the Mutant Race.

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A jetpack.

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@krspaceT: Marvel world politics

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The amount of telegraph poles in New York state.

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This is the best thing i've ever seen.
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