Phoenix Force ?

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So what happened to the Phoenix at the end of Avengers Vs. X-men #12. Did Hope and Scarlet Witch sacrifice/kill the Phoenix and use its power to make new mutants or did they just used the Phoenix/ Scarlet Witch's powers to make mutants comeback, by splitting up the power and giving it to others, similar to what Hope did at the end of Second Coming with the Five Lights, but on a much grader scale. I am a bit confused on the ending. Also it bugs me that they didn't include Jean in this whole thing a little more, I know their hints of it thought the event but they really should have dug deeper into that part of the Phoenix mythology.

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You can't kill the Phoenix force. They used its energy to revive mutantdom.

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@TheCrowbar: Ok that makes more sense because the Phoenix can't be destroyed so easily even by the combined effort of Scarlet Witch and Hope. I wonder if the new mutants have some kind of piece of the Phoenix Force within them like the Cuckoos did or if they just used her life giving energies to repopulate the mutant race.

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The Phoenix is inside the new mutants according to Alonso.


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