Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 created a alt civil war story that was far more neutral for both sides: making each seem human.

Perhaps they could do it again

Avengers Vs. X-Men

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Avengers vs X-Men. Like 2, it would have the option of choosing your side: and missions that would appear to allow you to possibly sway people to your side

Characters exclusive to the Avengers

Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadUnlockable Characters
Captain AmericaHawkeyeThorShe Hulk
Iron ManLuke CageThingVision
Miss MarvelIron FistDoctor StrangeFalcon
SpidermanRed HulkDaredevilMoon Knight
Black WidowSpider WomanBlack PantherHank Pym

Characters exclusive to the X-Men

Column HeadColumn HeadColumn HeadUnlockable
Emma FrostAngelCannonballSunfire

Characters capable of being on either team based on who your playig as

Column HeadColumn HeadColumn Head
WolverineNovaAoA Nightcrawler
BeastGreen HulkFirestar
Scarlet WitchHope SummersX-23

Secret Characters

Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch (Complete the game)

Wiccan, Hulking, Nico, Karolina (Save 50 citizens during missions)

Juggernaught, Sabertooth, Daken, Bishop, Mystique (Complete challenge mission to defeat 10 random X-Men)

Green Goblin, Sandman, Doctor Doom, Taskmaster, Punisher (Complete challenge mission to defeat 10 random Avengers)


Fantastic Four: Extinction Team: New Avengers: The Original Avengers: The Original X-Men: All New X-Men: House of Maximoff: Summers Family: Wolverine and the Kids: The Amazing Friends: Anti X-Squad: Anti-Spidey Squad, Female Fatale: ect


Avengers: More or less a canon plot

X-Men: If you play as them, they retake Hope on the Moon where she ends up the Phoenix. The game then pretty much focuses from there on protect Hope and get Scarlet Witch to fix what she did

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No thanks. The first one was awesome because the story was somewhat original.

The second one sucked... Well, there was a lot wrong with it, but following the Civil War story was its first problem.

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I loved the first game. I beat it well over 5 times... Great game, good story, and a crapload of characters to play as.

The second one sucked, as Gambit said, basing it on Civil War was a bad idea. So I think basing the third off of Avengers vs. Xmen wouldnt be too good of an idea either.

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This could be awesome. I liked MUA 1 but LOVED MUA 2. An AvX focused story as you have broken down could be great. AvX wasn't the best arc but with some good tweaks it could be bad-a$$.

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could be good. Also very well thought out i tip my hat to you good sir

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I do like your idea and the final boss could be the phoenix entity or the phoenix five

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As cool as that would be, I think it would be even cooler to have an original story... and have Moon Knight in it :) (he was missing from MUA2)

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I think that if they decide to make a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, it should be with a plot not based in events of Marvel. I liked Ultimate Alliance 2, but in plot I prefer more Ultimate Alliance 1.

And please with the Wasp on the team, that would be awesome.

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either MUA3 or X-men Legends 3 and ill buy it. for a long time i've been thinking about how sweet it would be to use Shadowcat in the game (and im not even a big KP fan), its a little tricky, game mechanics of having someone walk through walls is tough to do. Cannonball is another favourite but he wasn't in any of the console games. if AvX was the story line i'd expect a massive playable roster, like 30 for each, plus a large background cast is a must. it would be cool like MUA2 if your on the Avenger's side you fight Phoenix Cyclops, if your on the X-men's side you fight Scarlet Witch. only problem i see is having to retool a lot of the premise, it'll be too hard to explain the No More Mutants thing.

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ult alliance 2 (and AvX goes without saying)suuuuuuuucked. bring back the rpg elements ,cinematic scenes, original story , unlockables , and overall fun of the first game and character models of the second(probably only upside next to hulk-ku) .

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agree the first one is way awesome than the second ,the roster is just not as great as the first one ,i was very disappointing when i didn't saw ghost rider , at first saw a guy with head on fire thought might be him but it was Jack-O-Latern...

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this would be awsome. me and my girl played ultimate alliance 1 and 2 over and over again, though i liked part 2 more, but i missed the costume abilitys in it.

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If this were to ever be viable, they would need to make neutral heroes all mutants.

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nooooo I think the whole idea of them fighting each other is stupid

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As much as I love the MUA series, I think they should go back to X-Men Legends. I love those games and their RPG style. I'm also more of an X-Men fan instead of Full Marvel. The reason I've been following the other comics is because they all seem interconnected. But anyways back on topic. I think the AvX game could work if made properly, but after seeing X-Men: Destiny, I'm not too positive.

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