can anyone please help me.

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i bought avengers vs xman consequences 1 but i reallized its not what i was looking for.i wanted to read from the first comic of the avenger vs xman.

and as a new comer i have no ideae where to start,i just want to read avengers vs xman

can anyone please list me the order of those comics from the first to the latest.and what the hell is A+x

and i buy the comics from the app store on my andriod.

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@samirerre: I think I can help you out, buddy. Start with this:

  • «Marvel Point One»
  • «Avengers vs. X-Men Program»
  • «Avengers: X-Sanction» № 1—4
  • «Avengers vs. X-Men» № 0

Then move to the main events in:

«Avengers vs. X-Men» № 1—12 (12 issues)

and for dessert:

  • «AvX: Consequences» № 1—5
  • «A+X»
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AVX: Consequences is a response to Avengers Vs. X-Men, so consequences comes after (the "consequences" of AvX). Then there is AVX: VS, which was released alongside Avengers Vs. X-Men; though it is not necessary for the story it is simply a "brawling" book. Lastly, A+X is a response to AVX: VS, which comes after the end of Avengers Vs. X-Men that is a team-up book instead of a battle book. So if you just simply want the story of AvX, get Avengers Vs. X-Men. If you like if, than continue buying the other books mentioned.

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thenk you guys

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