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My buddy and I had been throwing around ideas of what changes would happen at the end of AvX. Our first thought was nothing that wasn't reset in 6 months. Our second thought was this:

Cyclops dies and Jean comes back. Now while most people would think her staying dead would be good, my buddy and I thought that with Scott dead, Jean and Emma would be butting heads for leadership of Utopia and the X-men. Also we'd get some Hope and Jean interaction. Hope is a character that has potential after she steps out the shadow of all this Phoenix Force stuff. Having Jean to guide her might be the push she'd need.

What do you guys think of this? Is this something you'd read about?

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X-men are gonna lose big at the end of this event (much to my dismay) Someone significant is going to die, the earth is going to burn which will lead to a relaunch in the MU.. if not a relaunch i can see a new team forming in light of the ramifications of this event.(comprised of both Avengers and X-men who share the same views of this event.. possible the formation of the X-Avengers)

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@DarthStorm: Great speculation!

Personally, I want Jean to come back into the spotlight, but I'm not sure if she should become a part of the roster again. I mean, I'd love to see her butt heads with Emma (even though Scott himself said that Jean has moved on from their relationship). I think there would still be some residual bitterness. I'd also love to see what her reaction would be in regards to Logan naming a school after her.

If Scott dies - I'll be happy. It is a long time coming and he's a total douche.

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@Augment: Wolverine or

Professor X should kill Scott that would be EPIC

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@Hareil0079: OOOOOH I like what you just said BRAVO!!! man. :) Nice

#6 Posted by Augment (108 posts) - - Show Bio

@theicon said:

@Augment: Wolverine or

Professor X should kill Scott that would be EPIC

As much as I would love it if Logan killed him, it would be the most troll-tacular if Hope killed him.

Where's your mutant messiah now, bub?

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Damn a lot of Cykes hatred here... :D

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@ssejllenrad said:

Damn a lot of Cykes hatred here... :D

My thoughts exactly

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My thoughts: Why are the avengers acting like a-holes? I am an X-men fan but why is Cap seeming irrational? Cap is not seeming entirely like Cap.

Team X-men for me until the inevitable turning point that leads us into rooting for the avengers no matter how forced or cliche the reason might be.

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Ehh.. Yeah, sure I'd read it, but I'm a Jean fan.

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IMO Scott will end up either dead or in a coma. Jean will come back (hopefully Scott will resurrect her so he gets some brownie points before the fall from grace). After the 5 are defeated and "world peace" ended the Avengers/traitor x-men will realise their mistake creating a lot of conflict and broken relationships i.e. Storm and Black Panther, Wolverine and the X-men (if Scott dies I can't imagine that Bobby and Rachel will be too happy. Jean also if she does come back.). The biggest effect IMO that this event can have will be to restore the mutants' powers.

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Cyclops is not going to die. He's too important to the x-men franchise as a whole. If he does die, he will simply be brought back almost right after. The writers of marvel realize that without someone like Scott to counter-balance the x-men things would become too one sided and wolverine would seriously look like a major douche. I'm not gonna lie(despite some of the twisted logic) I have to side with the x-men because it seriously seems like no matter what they do the world seems to just want to spit on them. Epic quote " Where were you captain when my people where being exterminated?" I was seriously wondering that. Hmmm, when they are dying off you're happy but when they want to rebirth you stop em. Way to go Cap

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If you ask me I don't think AvX shouldn't be hated too much, the title itself let's you know its suppose to be a treat. And if you ask me the entire event is just eye-candy battles, just look at all the covers.

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