Avengers vs x-men #6

#1 Posted by broo1232 (1520 posts) - - Show Bio

What do you make of these?

#2 Posted by ShadowX (1207 posts) - - Show Bio

Alternate reality? new future? I'm sort of digging these new armors/costumes, doubt they would continue past the event though,

#3 Posted by leigh_rogue888 (117 posts) - - Show Bio

Is that Emma in the picture? Cause that looks like she had a run in with the Phoenix and she won, at least for now

#4 Posted by broo1232 (1520 posts) - - Show Bio

Why did they pick Magik? Why not Storm or Psylocke?

#5 Posted by leigh_rogue888 (117 posts) - - Show Bio

Who thinks this will corrupt? I want to say even broken up it may be good but still probably a lot of power for these guys not to go overboard especially with the Avengers nearby and the battles pretty fresh.

#6 Posted by Queen's Halo (2406 posts) - - Show Bio

I can't believe that such a good artist has to be involved with something so utterly stupid and idiotic.

#7 Posted by leigh_rogue888 (117 posts) - - Show Bio

Well you know how is goes, anything to sell. But either way I want to see how this ends...probably badly.

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