delphic's Avengers Vs. X-Men #9 - Round 9 review

Spider-man: The Troll of the Year!

I decided a while back that this would be my last issue of A vs X before I dropped the series completely. To this point, A vs X has been sort of mediocre with no real major shocks. They almost pulled it off a few issues back when it seemed like Hawkeye had been killed, but then two panels later they said, “haha, fooled ya. Clint Isn’t dead we just set him on fire now we’re fixing him.” I felt like that was a really bad cop out and it has been ever since. With Issue 9 it continues that trend.

A lot of people have complained how (spoiler!) Spider-man managed to defeat two members of the Phoenix 5 by talking them into beating each other up. Was this a cop out? Sure, but it was a hilarious cop out. Now granted I am a huge Spider-man fan, but this approach was one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen. After getting his rear handed to him Spider-man uses one of the oldest cliché’s in the book and manages to come on top. Sure he is badly beaten and bruised, but victorious nonetheless. I found myself cheering “yeah go Spider-man!” Sure it was cheesy and not at all well thought out, but if you stand back at it and look at from a different point of view I promise the thought of a joke being the one thing that takes out two empowered Phoenix hosts will make you crack a smile.

Now some other stuff happened besides Spider-man punking the Phoenix. Thor gets beaten and thrown into a volcano, Black Panther and Storm get a divorce, and you get to see the Avengers all beaten and broken and in casts like something out of a Looney Tunes cartoon set up in a hospital, though really it’s just those scenes that stick out, and there is not much else that is remarkable about it. Avengers Vs X-men is really a comic book that tries to be serious and dramatic, but in the end has sort of turned into a comedy with some good one liners, but overall is just a mediocre joke. Personally, I feel good about ending my following of Avengers vs X-men with this story, and if anyone else feels like dropping it I wouldn’t blame them. With me though, I’m glad I’m able to stop this story on a good note by giving Spider-man the troll of the year award.

Don't Take me out coach...X__X

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