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The Mutant Menace Madness on the Moon!


Where to begin?

Well, it begins with an inner monologue of Hope questioning whether she is like the metaphorical bomb or the bomber in her phoenix situation, I call it a monologue but really it's a poorly punctuated rush of words over explaining what I just summised.

One good thing I would be able to say about this issue is that in the brief Avengers vs X-Men fighting action, nothing too stupid is going on (this comic seems that Namor has a better chance of beating Thing on the moon rather than underwater... wtf).

So basically whilst this is going on admist the lunar landscape, Iron Man and Pym are putting the touches on Stark's anti-phoenix suit - essentially a poorly drawn Optimus Prime outfit. Somehow, despite being a rush job, the fully painted, giant, power rangers megazord armor, is able to 'disrupt' the phoenix force. So yeah, turns out Stark with limited prep time can do more damage to a cosmic life-force entity than Thor can through Seceret Avengers.

The X-Men, being lead by Cyclops raving like a Westborough Baptist Church leader, are clearly the badguys by the end of this issue, and it's painfully obvious that the record raping 'Avengers' movie has shone on their comic counterparts a little too brightly.

The art is dull and simplistic, as I said, Iron Mans anti-phoenix armor looks like a 80s Transformers character, and fighting is clumsy and limited. I hear they're changing artist for the next 'act' of this series, so thank goodness for that.

This comic is advertised as 'The fiery conclusion of Act One!', and by that they mean that the X-Men are finally painted as the villains outright, and the terrible artist keeps buring Wolverine to a crisp. Avoid this comic, unless you're one of the people out there that enjoy poorly drawn superheroes fighting each other.

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