nerd_of_a_hero's Avengers Vs. X-Men #4 - Round 4 review

I'm done with this crap.


The More and More I read this series the more get disappointed and get my hopes up whenever something some what interesting comes up. I still don't like the art, the writing was okay but nothing ground breaking, we got some fighting going on with some characters that has some good match ups but is easily brushed aside in this issue, The Avengers failed to stop the Phoenix Force despite Thor's best efforts, everyone still acts out of character without reason, and I finally stopped giving a crap then dropped this ignoring the series entirely.

It was a good start as though it was a global event so both teams have to team up to stop a bigger threat but instead we got this and everything just gotten bad to worse. Maybe if they had the X-Men being forced to fight off the Avengers after the government feeling that the remaining mutant population were a threat to society and that the X-Men would use the opportunity to prove to the world that there heroes like everyone else, or that some evil entity mind controlled our heroes to fight each other then the remaining heroes would've figured out the situation and then solved the situation. Maybe a tournament would've been a good idea. I don't know, but this certainly wasn't the best approach to handle this story arc.

Maybe the other A vs X series could do better...


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