delphic's Avengers Vs. X-Men #3 - Round 3 review

Did Everyone Take Stupid Pills or Something?

Okay, right after the decent last issue A vs X has decided to take another dip into the insane and illogical. In this issue we see the aftermath of the Battle at Utopia. Scott Summers still believes that the Pheonix will save mutant kind. The X-men escape from the Avengers to begin searching for Hope. Captain America who had attempted to keep the mutants prisoner refuses to listen to some really sound reason given by Tony, and then shortly afterwards turns on Logan believing him to be a liability in the search for Hope. The plot and character actions are completely illogical. It was as if things were not thought through, and rushed to create a dramatic effect. There are plenty of "holy crap I can't believe that happened" moments in this issue, but instead of achieving a shock value it ends up not making any sense at all. The one thing that keeps this comic interesting is wondering how the only two people with any sense on the Avengers side (Tony and Logan) are going to deal with finding home, and seeing just how much farther Scott will take this insane crusade of his. Despite this nonsensical plot, this issue has not yet killed this crossover, but it does not raise any hopes either. If you're on the A vs X bandwagon already then I can say this will not be one of your favorite issues, and for those who are not following all I can tell you is look at the first three issues and get a feel for this series to see if you'll stick with it or pass on it. Overall though despite this issue the A vs X crossover event still has a little steam left, so if you're following get through this issue, stick with the series, and hope that it gets better.


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