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Thank god its finally over

6 months later, the event that didn't want to end finally has... what comes out of this awful event, besides the mounting evidence of atrocious writing? Xavier dead and more mutants. There, I saved you $50+ and 6 months of disappointment. For such a hyped event you think Marvel could have lined up better writing teams. From the start, the art has been spot on but as the months went on, I felt more and more obligated to buy this book and regretted purchasing it due to the horrendous writing.

But Marvel is not done yet, AVX Consequences will soon leech more money from loyal readers /eyeroll

Posted by longbowhunter

I read the first few issues and the last issue, and felt like nothing was missed.

Posted by kerosene

@longbowhunter: If I could go back in time and slap myself for even considering purchasing this book I would.

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