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Gone and soon to be forgotten

Okay I'm going to preface this. I'm not totally against big events but I did get a bit down on AvsX after the first few issues. I then grew to enjoy it as there were some good issues. Those good issues seemed to be really building towards something, with Hope getting all this kung fu training from Iron Fist and the tension between the phoenixes.

Now this issue, I have tried to equate it to a film where the final fight was rushed and had no impact and left me walking out the theater feeling deflated. But I can't remember the name of one. And that's when I realised, that's my point. This issue will be like those films that escape me, it will be forgotten because it was all wrapped up in a neat little bow with barely payoff to justify all the build up.

Now when I think back to the Spider Man issue I think "should have been in Avengers, aside from the consequences it didn't have a massive effect" the Iron Fist training "what was the point, Hope needed no kung fu at all" the whole Prof X part of the arc "should have been underlying and running through the whole series to give the payoff some serious impact, wasted opportunity" ......

I can go on, but my point is this, the whole arc has felt disjointed with the core of the storyline totally missed. Panels have been wasted on things that haven't had any consequence on the final battle. As a result the final battle was rushed and didn't even seem like a battle. If this has been building for years (as Marvel said in the build up) then why was it so rushed?

I have an opinon on this, I know they're like arseholes (everyone's got one and they usually stink) but I'll give it anyway. Marvel bunged so many creators into this storyline it meant it was pulled every which way from sunday. It doesn't matter that they went to a retreat and thrashed it out together, the fact is they are different and have their own thoughts on this premise of Avengers Vs X-Men. 1 maybe 2 creators should have been given the lead on this and left to construct it all. The other creators could have had the tie ins but there should have been a lead on this main series. My opinion, Hickman and Bendis. They're constructing the new Avengers/X-men worlds, they should have had their say in what launches it. Okay this method didn't work with fear itself but in my opinion, Matt Fraction isn't as strong a writer as Hickman/Bendis, despite his work on Iron Man.

Anyway so back to this issue, I'll sum it up like this. A weak finish to a disjointed arc that had moments of extreme promise that didn't pay off.

Final Note: Scott's been shafted, I've actually like his direction these past few years. It made sense to me going to the core of his character (I will sacrifice anything for the many) and it feels like he's been written to look like old Magneto "the ends justify the means". Which in my opinion is not how he's 'mostly' been written for years.


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