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AvX 11

THE GOOD: oh, the art. Someone should get Coipel a medal for his work on this series, he has done such a great job, him and Cheung on covers have made this arc bearable so far.

As for the story, we are finally getting somewhere fast. I would have liked to see more exchanges between Emma and Scott as he took the phoenix force from her (I know that was saved for Uncanny Xmen, but even then, it seemed she went pretty fast, which seems wrong for someone like Emma (I realize this is Marvel and Bendis, and lot of people are acting out of character in this series, so moot)).

A really enjoyable thing to see was Wanda assist in protecting her father, which I'm hoping sets up fixing their relationship in the future, and seems like a nice small plot arc in Uncanny Avengers.

THE BAD: It took waaaaay too long to get to this point. I feel this will be a point on every single now, lol, so moving on from that.

I would have liked to see more interaction between some Xmen, concerning joining with the Avengers or siding with Scott and Emma. It seems off that all of them would just up and join them, without any sense of loyalty or hoping they could appeal to their humanity, like Magneto attempted to do.

Also, just as an aside, Emma powered with the Phoenix couldn't easily shut down Xavier's telapathy seems very wrong. I know after Jean, Xavier is number 2 in strength (I think thats what was established), and Emma should be number 3 or so, but powered with the infinite cosmic strength of the Phoenix force couldn't hold him off has to be a pathetic oversight.

With that, Hope still hangs out in the sidelines, doing nothing, bothers me to no end. For a mutant empath, with many mutants around her helping her, you would think she would be on the front lines helping them fight. Oh well. Perhaps VS will fix this though.

THE VERDICT: The finish line is in view, and we are almost here with the new status quo. I'm just hoping with the closure, we see where the former Phoenix hosts and other members of the Extinction team head off to.

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