sleepbutnodream15's Avengers Vs. X-Men #10 - Round 10 review

I'm conforming.

A lot of people had been completely bashing this series before it even came out, which I thought was totally unfair. Even when this series started and people had somewhat legitimate reasons to hate on the series, I still actually enjoyed it. When issue 6 came out, I was pretty excited about the things to come. Utopia was in the sky, my boy Cyc was getting some more 'super' super powers, and the x-men were finally winning the fight after getting their @$$es kicked in the first couple issues. The only problem (and I definitely saw this coming) was that the phoenix 5 and the mutants were clearly becoming the bad guys. If it wasn't clear already, I was on the X side of things. I get where the Avengers are coming from, I really do. The phoenix is too powerful to be controlled. However, while the x-men were creating infinite energy, stopping wars, eliminating reality TV, and being just being pretty great people overall; the Avengers decided to strike. They were afraid that this monster team would one day lose control, so they decided to poke it with a stick. Then, when the x-men decide that they don't like being f***ed with, the Avengers acted completely surprised and offended. This eventually leads to more fighting, which leads to some of the P5 loses there powers, which leads to the rest of the phoenix group getting there powers and becoming more possessed and evil and blah blah blah. So essentially, the Avengers cause the problem that they were trying to prevent. I just really needed to say that.

As for this issue in particular, I had a really difficult time reading it. It felt like work. If felt like work, even after I had just came back from REAL work. The humble and pure Avengers are just trying to train the never-obnoxious Hope Summers. Then all of a sudden, that absolutely evil d-bag Cyclops comes by to get Hope. Oh, and on Utopia the equally evil Emma has the rest of those weak x-men under complete mental control. Then little ol' Hope gets the power of this dragon that the writers pulled out of their butts. Then Hope gets the dragon powers and uses them to fight cyclops cus that makes sense. Finally, cyc gets his evil butt handed to him by dragon-powered Hope. Oh, and then we were left with the cliffhanger of Magneto asking for Xaviers help telepathically...This is what this story has become. Bland. Black and white. Evil mutants and Good Avengers. The near-omni potent heroes become bad guys and the less powerful team beats them. That's the way the writers believed it had to be apparently. They picked the most cliche, tired, and boring way to start ending this story. Sooooo boring. Originality is being completely tossed out of the window.

Don't bother reading this issue. Seriously, even if your a fan of AvX, there really is no point. The saddest part of this whole thing is that I will definitely be reading AvX 11 and 12. Since it'll be effecting the entire Marvel Universe, I really gotta read it. It's almost over my friends. I hate when all those annoying-@$$ comic fans make sure to post similar statements on anything that mentions AvX, but I'm kinda there now. Just maybe not so extreme.

Posted by Veitha

I think exactly like you! Marvel has transformed the X-Men into the bad boys and is trying to make the Avengers look like the good ones... And you're right, the story is really boring and full of silly things and cliches

Posted by Queso6p4

Your review had me cracking up. *In The Emperor's voice* "...Only now, at the end do you understand." This issue made me head hurt several times and that's not cool.

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