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Proof that 'hype' equals success for Marvel

Well, here it is. Since it's announcement, I have been very skeptical about another 'Civil War' in the Marvel Universe. However, with the first issue at least, it's a pretty decent start. The Phoenix Force is heading for Earth, and the Avengers believe it to be related to Hope Summers, and want her brought in. However, Hope is on Utopia, under the protection of Cyclops, so you can imagine his take on it.

Despite the hostile reaction, brilliantly imagined by John Romita Jr, i found it quite ironic that Magneto (now on Cyclops' team) is now just an onlooker to Cyclops' almost fascist running of Utopia. Hypocrite much?


The artwork is excellent, and suits the scope of the scenes, particularly between Cyclops and Captain America perfectly. This is also a novel twist on an existing reoccurring X-Men universe threat, and is built up strongly towards the upcoming conflict.


Not many people like Cyclops, particularly nowadays, but the way he has been written here, he is Magneto from the 90's. Someone has to be the heel, i get that. It was never going to be Bendis' beloved Avengers now, was it?

Overall this is a decent issue, made more successful by hype more than it's quality. But the event certainly has potential.


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