mucklefluga's Avengers Vs. X-Men #1 - Round 1 review

The Beginning

The Story:

First off i wanna say there was really not much need to release Avengers Vs X-men #0, the Scarlet Witch story was alright and a lot of the Hope story i have seen in previews of others comics. But this is the issue where the story properly begins.

This issue starts with the Phoenix Force wiping out other planets, then it switches to the Avengers. Personally i didn't like how spidey was written even though he said quite little his jokes seemed forced. Also i didn't realise Thor was now the leader of the team? They show the appearance of Nova which wasn't a surprise. The issue then goes to the X-Men, Cyclops comes off as a real jerk in here and it makes me want to see him be killed in this arc really. This issue shows why these two teams are fighting which is good. A bit off the story i have seen in previews as well but that didn't really spoil anything but it did bore me slightly. I know this is only Round 1 of however many but i was surprised to see so little fighting between the Avengers and the X-Men, there is basically next to nothing. When the avengers appear at Utopia a few of them are holding these weird weapons which intrigues me to what they could do.

The Art:

Firstly the cover tricks you for what appears inside. Romita's art is a real turn off for me, you would think since this is Marvel's event of the year they would have the best artists they can get, i don't think this is. Magneto looks really really strange compared to other X-books. Each character seems to have the same face but with different hair or mask. The art isn't appalling there are some good bits like the double-paged phoenix force, but overall it is average at best.


Avengers Vs X-Men #1 is a better start than #0 since it shows why the two teams are fighting but it still leaves you with some questions like why Hope has all this power all of a sudden. There isn't enough fighting for me but maybe that's just so you'll pick up #2. The art isn't too great but hopefully it'll get better as the story goes on. In my opinion you should flick through this at the shop or buy it if you must, but really you should just wait for the trade when it's all collected together. Again i hope the next issue is better.

I haven't tried the AR majigy yet.

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