dark_noldor's Avengers vs. Pet Avengers #3 review

Not Eastern Eggs

This is a book reserved only for a few laughs and momentaneous joy and if you look for it expecting something else, maybe you´ll be disapointed. Despite the child theme - a bunch of pet heroes is childish enough - there is a twist in the story that would be good, if explained it properly. Now the title does speak for itself: it´s Avengers Vs Pet Avengers, as Fin Fang Foom´s plans haven´t outlined as everybody expected and now the Pet Avengers are his allies. I like this book because of the god vibrations, the sparkling dialogues and the bright art of Ig Guara. The message here is: don´t judge the book by it´s cover; it´s not because it´s ugly, big, green and mean, and because he appeared in a place and at the same time volcanos started to erupt and earthquakes started to surge/rise, that the dragon is a bad guy (well, untill prove against it).Recommended for those whose inner child haven´t grown up along the years.
3.5 out 5



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